Mason Women’s Pre-Season Classic prepares players for tryouts

Bryan Hudnell | Staff Writer

The Mason women’s soccer program started their season this past weekend in the Mason Pre-Season Classic at Heritage Oak Park.

In preparation for upcoming tryouts, players were divided into four different teams that were divided by grade with the exception of a few players. The teams then participated in five games during the span of July 21-23 against teams from all around the state.

Senior Crystal Gluchowski said she believes the Pre-Season Classic provided the opportunity to build chemistry and display skills before the tryout process.   

“You get to know your teammates and play with the people that you would be playing with on the field,” Gluchowski said. “It’s also an opportunity for the coaches to look at all us and gives us a chance to showcase our abilities on the field.”

With temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s, weather was a factor that athletes said they had to deal with. Water breaks were called throughout the game so players could stay hydrated during the duration of their games. These conditions played a role during their games according to Gluchowski.   

“Conditioning was a huge factor during these games,” Gluchowski said. “We have to play five games during one of the hottest weekends of the summer.”

Gluchowski and Mason A faced off against Greater Miami Conference rival and defending champion Oak Hills on Saturday. The opportunity to play tough competition like the Highlanders before the season allowed Gluchowski and the team to learn their players’ tendencies before the games count in the fall.   

“In my opinion, it’s good to see who we’re going to be up against and as a defending player seeing the girl you might go up against and pick up on her strengths and weaknesses,” Gluchowski said. “So if she isn’t good on her left, you can force her to that side and make it difficult for her.”

The match-up between the Comets and Highlanders ended in a 0-0 tie with an impressive display of defense by both sides. With the Preseason Classic behind them, Gluchowski and other athletes can now shift their focus towards tryouts.

“There are still things to improve on [as a team] but I thought we did well,” Gluchowski said. “These games gave us some good experience before tryouts.”