Noteorious to star in a show of it’s own

Corynne Hogan | Staff Writer

On Friday January 20, Noteorious, Mason High School’s pop-acapella group, directed by Jacob Cook, will be performing their first headlining show. Not only is this the first year Noteorious has taken on its own full-length concert, but is also Cook’s first year directing Noteorious, as well.

According to Cook, the concert, intertwine several different creative elements into the performance, such as singing, specially designed lighting, and choreography. Performing along side of Noteorious in a few of the songs will be Take Note, Highlands High School’s pop acapella choir, which is directed by Katie Cook, Jacob Cook’s wife.

According to Cook, creating this concert is something that Bridget Faulk, Noteorious’ previous instructor, has aspired for the choir to do the show.

“[Bridget] Faulk was interested in doing last year to create an annual concert of all acapella music that the students would participate,” Cook said. “[So] I’m just taking an initiative [to put this on]. I think this year it’s finally to a level where [the students] can do a concert that’s full length.”

Although it’s Noteorious’ first concert of its own and expectations aren’t easy to identify, Cook said that the students are ready and energized to perform for it. Cook also said that, as a whole, they are looking forward to public recognition.

“It’s hard to be sure what to expect, but [my wife and I] know that it will go well because the students are prepared…and want to be good,” Cook said. “This is the first step. What we hope to achieve out of this is to gain the recognition and to gain the momentum to let something like this grow. Who knows where it could get in the future.”

Junior EJ Prime-Orr, who has been involved in Noteorious since his freshman year, said he is looking forward to intertwining choreography into the performance and is excited to present what Noteorious has been working on.

“This [concert] is going to be something different,” Prime-Orr said. “There’s going to be platforms [on the stage], dancing and we are going to [perform] with another choir for two to three songs. …It will blow everyone’s minds.”

Sophomore Julia Marchese, who just joined Noteorious this last fall, said she’s eager to work with and perform with the additional choir because she enjoys working with new people. Marchese also said she’s looking forward to impressing the audience.

“It’s just going to be a surprise [to everyone] how good we are,” Marchese said. “Everyone underestimates us. We put six hours of work into it every week, which is as much as you do with a class. So I think we are going to do really [well].”

Marchese said she found the choreography a bit of a challenge, but still remains enthusiastic about performing with it.

“We don’t have our dance moves all down, but the singing is definitely good,” Marchese said. “The choreography is kind of tough…I’m not a dancer, I’m a singer. [But,] the choreography is fun and it’s good to get to know new things.”

According to Cook, this concert isn’t going to be like a traditional choir concert, but more set up in a style comparable to “Glee” or “The Sing-Off.”

“The audience should expect to see a fun concert,” Cook said. “[There will be] music that [the audience] will know all the songs that they’re going to hear, vocal percussion, choreography on stage, collaboration between two schools and we’re going to have lighting designs by Allen Young (MHS Drama Teacher) and myself. So it’s a fun, free night of great music, great singing, great movement. It’s [going to be] something different.”

The concert is free admission and starts at 7 pm in the Mason High School auditorium.