Opinion: NBA turns bland, lacks equality after creation of super teams

Freddie Wilhelm | Staff Writer

With basketball season right around the corner, I can’t wait to cuddle up on the couch late night and watch my Chicago Bulls get blown out 127-92 to the Cavaliers, the Warriors or any other of the 7 super teams that the NBA now has.

With the offseason pretty much over, it is becoming easier and easier to see which teams will be playing in the western conference finals, the eastern conference finals and more importantly in the NBA finals. Due to the lack of parity in the NBA, I will find it hard to watch any game, unless it involves one of the 7 super teams facing off.

This NBA offseason has caused the least amount of parity between teams in NBA history, with stars like Jimmy Butler, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony leaving their teams, which offered little to no support for them in terms of challenging for a championship, to join a super team full of other superstars, we also saw current contenders like the Cavaliers and the Spurs add players, in the form of Rudy Gay, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose, for cheap in order to continue staying one step above of their competition. With the super teams only getting better and the formation of new super teams, the NBA is faced with a serious problem.

Why should I even watch the NBA? We all know that the finals will feature, if the teams stay healthy, the Warriors and Cavaliers for the fourth year in a row. After they already set an unprecedented 3 times in a row last year. It is ridiculous, why would I watch anyone else play?

Right now the league is seeing players signed for below their value in order to win titles, which in all fairness, is not the worst thing to see, but this is being abused by these super teams. Derrick Rose, a former MVP is being payed a veteran minimum by the Cavaliers. Dwayne Wade, a 3 time NBA champion is being paid the same minimum, Kevin Durant although being paid 25 million a year, is still underpaid,  a former MVP and a top 5 player in the NBA should be getting paid a max contract.

So unless the Celtics, Warriors, Cavaliers, Spurs, Rockets, Thunder or Timberwolves are playing you won’t catch me watching the NBA much this year, I’ll wait for April and the playoffs to start watching, because unless those teams are playing the NBA is not worth watching this year.