Corky humor attracts late night viewers on ‘Adult Swim’

Freddie Wilhelm | Staff Writer

A popular cartoon has students traveling across the multiverse on zany science fiction adventures.

‘Rick and Morty,’ an animated comedy, follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a cynical mad scientist and his prepubescent grandson Morty Smith. Taking place in the modern day, this duo goes on various sci-fi adventures which span across the multiverse. The show reaches out to a younger audience and has achieved huge success in 2017.   

‘Rick and Morty’ has received a lot of attention for its fun antics, crude humor, and wacky adventures. The first two seasons averaged over 1.75 million viewers an episode according to the Nielsen Company responsible for rating television programs.

When Adult Swim released the season three premiere on a live stream in April of 2017, it gained over 11 million viewers. It shattered records from and Facebook combined, setting an Adult Swim record. Season three has now averaged 2.5 million viewers an episode and has become the most popular comedy among the age range of 18-34, according to Live 7 and Newsweek.

The shows creators have also created an app with over 14 million downloads ‘Pocket Mortys,’ a game similar to Pokemon, as well as a virtual reality game on Steam titled ‘Virtual Rick-ality.’

Sophomore Jack Gerus said that ‘Rick and Morty’ has a unique sense of humor that the younger generation enjoys.

“What makes it so enjoyable is the crude and hardy humor that our generation has become accustomed to and entertained by,” Gerus said.