Opinion: Take a Political Break

It’s been a year since Donald Trump was elected president; I am thankful that it has happened.

President Trump has had almost one year in the Oval Office and that being said, he’s accomplished a small amount of things, we still have Obamacare, there is no wall and the United State’s debt is at 20 trillion dollars and counting. The world has not ended, and America is still great.

One year ago, I decided to stop looking at the New York Times and CNN every single day, and stop looking at every single tweet by Donald Trump and stop hating him and his administration with every bone in my body. I had given my life a release from the constant stress of fighting against President Trump and his administration every waking moment of my life.

Living in a politically divided house I have learned one thing that both of my parents told me when the election was over; the world will not end, whether Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or even Jeb Bush is in the White House, the world will continue to turn. At first it was hard to convince myself of that; for the past year I had lived for politics, I supported my candidate so strongly and proudly, and I accepted persecution from my peers because of my beliefs, but when my candidate didn’t win I felt deflated. Now, a year later, I feel released and free.

My advice for those of you who are still upset? Focus on what you believe in, focus on what you love and support — an organization which gives help to what you believe in, whether it be human rights, helping orphans find homes, or even feeding poor children. Focus on what you can do to make the world a better place, and President Trump can not stop that impact. Whether you give your money or your time.

From the time Trump has been elected president, I have marched in the Pride Parade, I have given hundreds of dollars to charities that do good, and I have found myself having no thoughts of our president or politics in general.

I still can’t believe that I have become content with President Trump, but if you find yourself obsessed over him and his administration, I will offer you the advice of doing the same thing as I did. Turn off the news, ignore social media and focus on the good.