Dancing with the Comets camp offers dance floor to younger students

Kaitlin Lewis | Staff Writer

On December 2, the Varsity Dance team held their annual Dancing with the Comets camp. The clinic is open to first through sixth graders, and it teaches the campers new moves.

Attendees of the camp split off by their ages and learn a short routine — this year all to various holiday music — and have the opportunity to perform what they learned in front of a crowd at the Mason Varsity Girls Basketball game on December 13 during halftime.

Some members of the dance team who helped lead the camp remember attending themselves when they were younger. The current varsity head coach, Christina Huetter, said this is only her second year running the camp, but that this year’s turnout was much bigger than what she has seen before. She said the camp is not made to be a huge fundraiser for the dance team, but more of a way to reach out to future dancers.

“We don’t make a lot of money off of it,” said Huetter. “It’s more to get our name out into the community. But we do make a little that we use towards our competition and our uniforms.”

Members of the dance team said they enjoy getting a chance to share their own passion with younger generations of dancers. From the elementary school-aged campers, to current seniors in high school, everyone gained something from this experience. Senior Annie Foy said she loves getting to witness the young dancers learn and grow after only a few hours at the clinic.

“They don’t really know what dance really is at a young age because they don’t have the experience,” said Foy. “Getting to see us perform is really cool because they can see what they can be like when they’re older. When you teach them new moves, It’s hard from them to understand. But when it clicks, it’s the coolest thing to see them finally understand how to do a simple move that they didn’t know when they first got here.”

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