Student Government partners with other clubs to put on first winter dance

Kaitlin Lewis | Staff Writer

Girls are taking control into their own hands and asking guys to Mason’s first ever winter dance.

Taking place this Saturday, February 17, the theme of the night is Sadie Hawkins, flipping the status-quo and encouraging girls to ask guys. Senior co-chairs Collin Aldrich and Lindsey Welage decided work in collaboration with National Honor Society (NHS) and Students Involving and Befriending Students (SIBS) to assist in Student Government’s (StuGo) undertaking.

“That was a big argument when getting the dance approved,” Aldrich said. “It is all about collaboration. StuGo, NHS, and SIBS had never partnered up before.”


Reversing the status-quo, Schaffer asks Ashraf to Mason’s first winter dance.


The board behind the dance is comprised of representatives of all three clubs. In addition to Aldrich and Wellage, juniors Jordan Loewe and Madisen Bangs will represent Student Government, seniors Yash Sirvastava and Preetham Kastury for NHS, and senior Kevin Morrissey and junior Nicole Kaldas for SIBS.

Getting an event approved at MHS includes paperwork, proposals, and presentations. Aldrich and Wellage had to take into account budgeting, ticket sales, and where potential profits would end up. To get the dance started, StuGo put up $5,000 towards Sadie Hawkins, which will eventually be recuperated through ticket sales. The remaining profit made by sales will go to the Mason City School foundation. Lori Fox Allen, student activities director at MHS, said she hopes for enough ticket sales to donate a good amount to the foundation.

“The elementary schools all have a specific fundraiser they do every year to help raise funds for the foundation,” Fox Allen said. “We’re trying to make high schoolers a little more aware of all the foundation does.”

In contrast to homecoming and prom, Sadie’s is intended to be more casual. The intentions were not to make another even that students felt they had to spend a lot of money toward in order to make the night fun. Wellage encourages girls to wear dresses that they already own, and to create the outfit from accessories in their closet. Guys are encouraged to wear khakis and a nice button-down shirt, nothing that should require rentals, Fox Allen said.

“We are trying to not make it seem like homecoming,” Fox Allen said. “Girls don’t need to get their hair or nails done, no one needs to buy new things. Just come and have fun.”

On top of being relaxed, the winter dance is a chance for all of MHS, freshman to senior, to come together. Aldrich and Wellage said they wanted to create an event that underclassmen can look forward during second semester, while before, homecoming was the only school dance they could attend. The Sadie Hawkins dance is offered to all four grades, bringing the whole school together for the fun.

Wellage said that the winter dance is an event all four grades at MHS can look forward two during these cold months second semester.

“Underclassmen only get to go to prom if they are asked,” Wellage said. “That was a big reason for the dance, too. So that all of Mason has an event to be excited about.”