Trivia app attracts millions with daily cash prizes

Lauren Thomas | Staff Writer

There’s a new app that’s cracking the charts and rewarding the smarts. 

HQ is a trivia app where contestants log on at three and nine p.m. weekdays to compete in a live game show in order to join 800k + people trying to earn anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000. There are twelve questions beginning fairly easy and weeding out competitors until there are the winners. With only ten seconds to answer, the app leaves only a few to win the prizes, and millions frustrated.

Each night, families, coworkers, and friends log on to the trivial app to answer questions. The addictive game has caused users to go to extensive lengths just to answer what color an orange is. As the game progresses, the questions get more specific and difficult. Despite all this, the number of participants sky-rockets on the daily.

The app is funded by brands and sponsorships that see potential in the advertisements that run prior to the beginning of the game. Several thousands of winners receive their money via PayPal. Cash prizes of $15,000 are split amongst those that complete the final question. Players can not cash in their prize until they’ve earned $20.

Senior Saba Setegn will stop at nothing to play the popular game whether that means pulling off the road or ducking out of a family dinner.

“Sometimes if I’m driving and I get the notification I pull over to the side of the road so I can play,” Setegn said. “You get a notification and you stop, drop whatever you’re doing and start playing.”