Columnist Len Boselovic meets with freshmen;models the evolution of journalism

Riley Johansen | Staff Writer

On Friday, March 2, Honors English I students were invited to attend a presentation from Len Boselovic, columnist and reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Boselovic is not only the father of one of our MHS teachers, Sarah Boselovic, but is also an award-winning writer who has covered the metal industry for the Post-Gazette. Boselovic said his persistence is why he has won various awards for his investigative journalism in his time working for the Pittsburgh Press and the Journal Newspapers.

“I originally was a columnist, but here I am today covering business,” Boselovic said. “Why am I able to do that? Because I asked a lot of questions along the way, talked to the right people, and read extensively on topics that may be tough to cover. That’s what you need to do to make your writing better. You write and you rewrite and you research until it’s what you want, and that’s what you do as a journalist.”

Boselovic often visits to teach the students in their columnist unit to understand the importance of journalism and how it has changed over his many years of writing. He encourages students to seek answers, question authority and tell the stories that may be controversial and difficult.

Len Boselovic discusses the evolution of journalism and why he needs to share his love of journalism with the students of MHS.

Students were excited to get involved in the conversation by asking questions to improve their writing as well as asking Boselovic about his profession.

While he has not met the president yet, Boselovic has come in contact with state officials, higher-ups in businesses, as well as the everyday people affected by his writing, whether it be through praise or criticism, which he poked fun at during his presentation.

Boselovic said he wants to continue visiting and sharing his experiences, because as journalism continues to shift alongside technology, he stresses the importance of dialogue and credible information to students.

“It’s very important to inform the reader of what’s going on, and it’s important to do that quickly,” Boselovic said. “Out of one-hundred percent of research I do, I probably only use maybe less than sixty percent of it, but the thing is I know what I’m talking and writing about, and if that makes people uncomfortable with the information, that’s okay. My goal is to always comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

Video compiled by Riley Johansen.