King hosts first ‘Girls Night’ to promote positive self-image

Seniors Asia Porter (left) and Amaya King led the event and the empowerment video crew.

Aniya Longmire | Staff Writer

Women empowerment: March is all about it.

Senior Amaya King hosted the first annual ‘Girls Night’ to celebrate the female students of Mason High School during Women’s History Month. The casually named event took place in the black box theater, had a slumber party theme and was divided into two separate nights. On March 13, various female entrepreneurs based in Cincinnati came to speak, and on March 15, female Mason alumni spoke. 

King said the event helped young women realize their self-worth and develop a positive body image by having discussions in a safe environment.

“I struggled with depression and body image issues growing up,¨ King said. ¨I wanted to make sure that before I left Mason, I inspired and empowered young women who may be going through the same things as I did.”

MHS women with different body types and racial backgrounds gathered in their pajamas, but the event reached out to many within the school district. Eighth grade student Maryam Elkady said this was her first high school social event aiming to empower women.

“My older sister introduced this event to me; I thought it was interesting having an empowerment night where many different women can come together to relate and talk to each other,” Elkady said. “My favorite part was the female entrepreneurs, because they represented successful and independent women who overcame the same things we’re going through.”

Four alumni lead the conversation on Thursday by sharing their college experiences. 2015 graduate and current Ohio State University junior Aminat Adewumi also felt it was important to reflect on her own feelings from when she was in high school.

The event concluded with a showing of a women empowerment video produced by an entirely female crew. It featured 75 Mason girls who shared their negative body image experiences, but also how they overcame the criticism and started to love themselves.


The Women’s Empowerment video produced by King and Porter.


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Photos by Aniya Longmire.