Giving back to community a priority for area Girl Scouts

Andrea Hefferan | Staff Writer

When it comes to Girl Scouts, these girls have been troopers.

By high school, many girls have quit the group and moved on to other activities. However, some are still a part of it and have no intention of quitting. From daisy to senior, the girls from Troop 48045 have stuck through Girl Scouts thick and thin.

Sophomore Christine Giberson, who has been a Girl Scout in both her home state of Arizona and here in Mason, enjoys all of the outings they have which she otherwise would have no means of doing.

“I really like (Girl Scouts) because it gives us someplace to get connections and go do things,” Giberson said. “They have a lot of opportunities for Girl Scouts–special opportunities to go do certain things. We have a big list of all of these things that we’re going to do, and being in Girl Scouts, they are more likely to say yes to you doing a bunch of activities and they have special things for you to do.”

Much of what Girl Scouts do goes back and benefits the community. Sophomore Sophia Palermo said her troop likes making a difference by doing service projects that are a little out of the ordinary.

“For our Bronze Award we raised money for the animal shelter,” Palermo said. “Then for my Silver project we made a mural at the middle school. So over by the band room right there is a giant mural, and it was a contest that we had. We had students submit different designs. We said to create a mural on what (they) think the Mason Middle School represents. And we had the winner come in and she painted it with us.”


Mason High School students who still participate in their local Girl Scout Troops. From left; sophomores Christine Giberson, Lauren Stacy and Sophia Palermo.

The greatest honor one can receive as a Girl Scout is the prestigious Gold Award, which are preceded by the Silver and Bronze Awards. Palermo is determined to get hers soon and plans to create a project that would help the school.

“For the Gold Award you have to do something everlasting in your community,” Palermo said. “I know our school does something called MPOWER Hour and it’s been mostly business. I want to do one for science and math and get different engineering people in because I love engineering and I love those MPOWER hours. It’d be cool to have people come in and talk about that and show different opportunities to people in the school. High school is a time to be exploring stuff about yourself and what you really like and this is a great way to do that.”

While some people may think all Girl Scouts do is sell cookies, Troop 48045 does not participate in this tradition in favor of having a garage sale. This helps them raise more than selling cookies would, according to Palermo.

“We don’t sell cookies because right now Girl Scout cookies cost four dollars to sell,” Palermo said. “Our troop only gets 75 cents per cookie box, which is more now, but it’s not worth it for us overall because you have to sell so many cookies to be able to do anything. Our troop does a garage sale. We’re selling stuff for a day and we raise over 1000 dollars, which is way more than selling Girl Scout cookies could get us.”

Sophomore Lauren Stacy said their troop uses what they make from raising funds to have learning experiences and help the community.

“The money from (the garage sale) we use to fund our troops and that’s how we raise money so we can buy things, like how we bought the food for (our service project),” Stacy said. “Normally a lot of that goes back into the community, or it goes with us for our trips and camping trips, a lot of learning experiences we do with that. We went to a wolf reservation and we got to learn a lot about wildlife and it was really cool. But it’s not just cookies, a lot of it goes back to the community.”

Though Girl Scouts is typically seen as a group for young girls, staying throughout high school is something Stacy does not regret. She encourages other girls to follow her path and continue Girl Scouts or even join a troop if they have never been a part of it.

“I think that a lot of people should stay with Girl Scouts or join Girl Scouts because even if you’re older I think you should come into it because there’s so much you can learn from it,” Stacy said. “There’s so many things I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t been in Girl Scouts. And we have this big sisterhood–we’re all super close; everyone in the Girl Scout community is like a big family. I just think that everyone should be in Girl Scouts; all the girls.”

Photo by Andrea Hefferan.