MTV brings viewers back to the Shore after five year hiatus

Lauren Thomas | Staff Writer

Five years later, and Jersey Shore is back on MTV.

Now most members of the original cast are married and have babies, so many are wondering how the show will transition from “boozing and fist-bumping” to parenthood. With the revival, the traditional audience has grown now, and many worry if they will still be interested in a show plagued with drinking and drama when they have their own student loans and hectic lives to worry about.

Reality TV has also begun to phase out with the heightening popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube replacing TV ratings. With shows like Keeping Up with The Kardashians and Fixer Upper finishing their final seasons, the future of the reboot is fragile. The network is relying on the uniquely enticing personalities of characters like Snooki, JWOWW, and ‘The Situation’ to keep viewers entertained.

Sites like Hulu have bought rights to the episodes, enabling a new generation of viewers that may have been too young to experience the initial phenomena. Freshman Ella Stertmeyer began her Jersey Shore endeavor just a couple weeks ago after discovering that there would be a sequel series.

“I started watching Jersey Shore the Friday I got back from spring break, and I just got to season six last night, so I’ve been binge watching it,” Stertmeyer said. “I wanted to watch it all before the new series started, and it’s different to watch this way because the characters grew up so quickly it seemed for me because I didn’t watch it all six years apart.”

Junior Jordan Loewe began watching the old episodes after a new subscription to Hulu in December of 2017 and fell in love with the series. When the revival aired, she found it very easy to recognize all of her favorites; especially Pauly D.

“The show is still funny, it helps that it’s on Hulu because a lot more people can be exposed to the old episodes and watch it now even though it was on a long time ago like that’s what happened with me,” Loewe said.

Upperclassman can remember being 12, 13 years old and following the stars, while younger generations are experiencing the madness for the first time.

Senior Emma Haglage remembers binge watching the show when she was younger in spite of her Mom’s wishes.

Haglage looks forward to the first season returning and has already watched a couple episodes. She said that their mannerisms have held true to the test of time and their dominant personalities are more evident than ever.

“They act the same as before,” Haglage said. “They still go out and party. They talk the exact same; super raunchy. How they acted before in the old episodes hasn’t changed even with having kids and getting older. In the first episode back, Sammi couldn’t make it, so they had a doll of her. Snooki was trying to pick her up and rip off the wig.”

Fellow fan senior Cadin Niehaus said he has been a viewer since around the same age. His siblings tried to shield him from the mature content, which he is now thankful for.

Although time has passed, the crew is raunchy as ever. All but one of the crew has children and many are wed. Main character ‘The Situation’ missed the beginning of the first episode after pleading guilty in court for tax evasion. Despite parental backlash, viewers like Niehaus, Stertmeyer, Loewe and Haglage still tune in every Thursday at 8/7c.

“It’s still a really funny show,” Niehaus said. “You can definitely still tell some parts are scripted, but it’s still enjoyable to watch.”