Lee uses Roblox to create humorous video game

Rahul Parikh | Staff Writer

In May 2016, Chris Lee created his own universe, not knowing that he would end up sharing that world with over one million online gamers.

Sophomore Christopher Lee’s self-created video game, Infinite Welfare, has over one million plays on the ‘Roblox’ gaming network. 

Infinite Welfare places each player on a rectangular platform in the middle of an arena. To begin, each player has four random weapons that are can later be exchanged. 

Unlike traditional videogames, these weapons have an element of humor attached to them, such as a shotgun with smiley face ammunition. When a player is eliminated, they are greeted with a meme along the lines of  ‘At least you tried’ or ‘They say nice guys finish last.’ These components are what set Infinite Welfare aside from other mainstream games.

Lee feels an incorporation of such humor enhances its appeal.

“When I was creating Infinite Welfare, I wanted to have a lot of humor within the game, which is something that I believe a lot of people find appealing,” Lee said. “I did this because I’ve always enjoyed memes, and I thought that it would be cool to incorporate them into my game.”

Sophomore Chris Lee creates a video game using programming software.


His knack for entertaining through programming, however, is not new to Lee, for he has been watching and tinkering with game design since he was a small child.

“When I was around 8 years old, I was really into playing Roblox, and I saw people designing video games, and it seemed really cool, so I wanted to try it myself,” Lee said. “That’s when I first started trying to make my own games, but they obviously weren’t great at first, which made me want to make more enjoyable games.”

Never having been formally taught, Lee learned the necessary coding for the game on his own time, and the design, controls, and layout of Infinite Welfare were all based on Lee’s creativity, a fact that Lee said instills an even greater sense of confidence in his creation.

Lee said he never expected one of his creations to blow up as Infinite Welfare did.

“I expected that the only people who would play this game were people I invited to play it, but when I first found out there were 100 people on the game at once, I was really surprised,” Lee said. “Now that it has over one million plays, I’ve increased the amount of time I spend editing and updating the game to sustain the popularity.”

Photo by Jacob Brase.