Ice cream lovers melting over new style of frozen treat

Riley Johansen | Staff Writer

A new way to eat an old dessert is rolling into the hearts of ice cream lovers everywhere. 

Rolled ice cream is the newest trend with many stores opening up all over America. Stands are popping up close by in the Kenwood Towne Center. 

The made-to-order Thai-inspired sweet is made by pouring milk onto a cold steel plate below freezing and chopped and stirred with other ingredients such as fruit or chocolate until it crystallizes, to where it is then rolled and artistically placed into a cup to enjoy. 

Freshman Emma Davies first got to taste the trending treat on a trip to Columbus with MHS’ competition cheer team. Davies says that she was introduced to the idea through social media and her and her team were willing to wait to get a taste of it. 

“The first time I had rolled ice cream was at a cheer competition in Columbus and I saw it on people’s Snapchat stories. It looked really yummy so I had to try it,” Davies said. “I also went back to Columbus for state, and we got to get it again. My whole cheer team was shopping in the mall and we just saw the stand, so of course, we waited in the forty minute line because it was definitely worth it.”

Junior Annabella Collins says that the appeal of the new spin on ice cream was appealing to her, not only for the taste, but for the way it would look on her social media. 

“I was honestly more excited to post about it then I was to eat it because it was so pretty,” Collins said. “Usually, every ice cream place is the same. They scoop it or they soft serve it, but this is so different because we’ve never seen people roll it. I think it’s also because of the show and tell aspect of it, these days with social media everyone is obsessed with posting pictures of their food, and making everything look pretty and I think that makes people happy, it’s something different and something cool to do over the summer.”



Senior Wenhan Zhu was also excited to hear about the opening of the first rolled ice cream shop in Cincinnati, Yolo Rollo, where he now works. Zhu says the owner of Yolo Rollo has opened stores with his unique approach to the dessert in many new places around the U.S. as the ice cream craze continues to grow.

“I was excited (about the opening) because I had only tried it in big cities, such as New York and Chicago, and we’re the first ice cream roll store in Cincinnati,” Zhu said. “The creator of Yolo Rollo is from Hong Kong and now lives in Alabama. He owns many restaurants all over the United States. When rolled ice cream got more popular he figured out his own recipe (for the ice cream) and refit the machine so it can cool down faster than other stores. He had no idea how crazy people would be about it. They are willing to wait hours for it, and some families buy it three times a day because their kids love it so much.” 

Zhu says that the rolled ice cream trend is not just about the food, but the experience, which makes him enjoy working even more to watch his customers excitement when he hands them their food. 

“I enjoy working here so much because all the customers are super excited about it,” Zhu said. “I can see how happy they are when they see the ice cream rolling and how much they enjoy it after they try it. It is becoming a trend because it’s so fun to watch the process. After we smash the food in and roll it up, it looks amazing and every bite is tasty. I like it because people are not only enjoying the ice cream, but they’re also enjoying the process of making it.”