Crossroads to play host to ESPYS award show

By Jacob Brase | Staff Writer

The stage is set.

On May 14th, the 2018 ESPYS award show will be hosted at Crossroads Mason this year, upgrading from an auditorium that seats 800 to one that will fit over 2,000. The new space is just the tip of the iceberg though, as the ESPYS commitee will utilize state of the art technology to put on an even bigger show than last year. With more room for a bigger audience, the ESPYS has been made an open invite event, in contrast to last year’s show that was particularly for varsity athletes.

To event planner Dylan Mckinney, hosting at Crossroads is just another way to improve the show. Mckinney said the technical capabilities of     Crossroads will allow for an immersive experience.

“Every year we think about how we can make the show better, and to us, Crossroads provided the best opportunity to do that,” Mckinney said. “The overall display this year will be a step up from what we’ve done in the past.”

Craig Murnan, who instructs students that participate in the ESPYS’ production, said the new facility allows them to open the venue up to more audiences. Murnan said the fact that Crossroads is a religious facility should not get in the way of anyone who wants to go.

“The ESPYS show has no affiliation to any denominational group,” Murnan said. “The religious overtone is not really present at crossroads. I think they chose to design it as something that could be used for other events.”

Murnan said the new facility will give the show a different feel than last year.

“When you’re sitting in the audience this year, the experience is going to be much different,” Murnan said. “Going to a different place that you don’t go to everyday will add more of a sense of a show and an experience. Once you get into the facility, it’s going to feel like a theater.”

In 2016, the first ESPYS show was made, as Murnan felt there was no venue where all teams could celebrate the year’s accomplishments. Murnan said the ESPYS is something athletes at Mason High School deserve.

“The ultimate goal of the show is to be a celebration of mason athletics, and also to highlight outstanding performances and accomplishments that is beyond what’s celebrated at an individual banquet,” Murnan said. “With video and technology, we can put the viewers into an experience of winning a state title, or winning a big game.”

Photo by Jacob Brase.