Young jump ropers learn new skills at comet skippers camp

Kaelyn Rodrigues | Staff Writer

Kids all around Mason jumped at the chance to learn jump rope from the Comet Skippers.

This past week the Comet Skippers taught aspiring jump ropers all about their sport. The camp was four days long, going from June 12 to June 15. This year, the camp was held at Montessori Academy of Cincinnati, a departure from its usual location at Mason Intermediate.

Junior Lindsey Bills, who helped organize the camp, said it vastly differed from previous years.

“We went through a lot of different incidents that we had to try and work out, but it was also jungle themed which we’ve never done before,” Bills said.

Sophomore Gaeun Jang, who has been on the Comet Skippers for six years, enjoyed that the Skippers had a larger role in this year’s camp.

“I think it was a lot more fun because a lot of the staff are really involved this time,” Jang said. “They were last year but this year everyone just seems really pumped up.”

Jang, who helped teach campers for the first time this year, said it was rewarding to teach the kids new skills during the different activities they do throughout the week.

“We have tumbling, single rope, and a section where we switch between 2 in 1, wheel, and double dutch until lunch,” Jang said. “Then after lunch we do things like fusion, which is dancing and jump rope fused together. We like to involve the kids a lot.”

Despite the camp being four days long, Bills said that she always looks forward getting to know the campers and the way they approach jump rope.

“(My favorite part of) working with the kids is just seeing the different kinds of personalities and interests that they have in jump rope and the different kinds of tricks they like to work,” Bills said.


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Photos by Anusha Vadlamani.