Mason’s first ever Invention camp inspires creativity in students

Anusha Vadlamani | Staff Writer

Students all over Mason are inventing their own futures by choosing to attend Invention Camp.

Mason’s first ever Invention Camp was held at Mason High School this past week. The camp lasted 5 days, spanning from June 25 to June 29, and included kids from first to sixth grade. Jill Arminio, a director of the camp, said that she brought the camp to Mason in hopes of encouraging kids to take an interest in science over the summer.

“We really just wanted a really good a STEM opportunity for our kids to have over the summer,” Arminio said. “We’ve really tried to pull STEM in at the earlier grades and I think that it’s something that will impact and stick with the kids.”

Throughout the week campers focused on different modules dedicated to the different fields of STEM. The kids got to experience modules such as building robo-dogs and controlling and managing OptiBots. Junior Vibha Rao, a counselor at Camp Invention, thought that the camp was a great opportunity for kids to foster their interest in science.

“A lot of kids don’t know how to just go outside and have fun or build things,” Rao said. “I think this is a good camp to explore that part of their imagination.”

The goal of Invention Camp was not only teaching about STEM, but also giving kids the platform to develop their own ideas. Sixth grade camper Rhea Doshi felt that she was really given the chance to expand her creative freedom.

“They gave me the opportunity to do my own things,” Doshi said. “It really got me thinking and now I have more ideas of my own.”

Besides learning about STEM, the campers also developed team-building skills. Arminio said that one of the more rewarding experiences was watching the transition of the kids breaking out of their shells.

“We’ve seen the kids really figure out how to work together and grow in a way,” Arminio said. “Now everyone is supportive of one and other and don’t want to let each other go.”


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Photos by Kaelyn Rodrigues.