Red rhythm and boom celebrates Independence Day featuring the fray

Riley Johansen | Staff Writer

Mason is celebrating America’s independence with a bang.

On July 3, the Mason City Council held its annual Red Rhythm & Boom event featuring  inflatables, games, and face-painting, food trucks, and performances from chart-topping bands Five for Fighting and The Fray.

The event began with Cincinnati local and singer/songwriter Mira taking the stage to sing the national anthem, accompanied by an aerial display of the American flag along with red, white, and blue streamer provided by the skydivers of Team Fastrax. From then on attendees were welcomed to try all the food and drink offered by the vendors while enjoying the musical performances throughout the night, all to be closed out by Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks Show.  

As with any large event, city officials as well as the Mason police and fire department were hard at work to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. Fire Chief Bryan Brumagen said that throughout the years the preparation and preparedness of the Independence Day celebration has grown as it becomes more popular among the city’s residents.

“It’s a pretty significant undertaking (to manage an event this size),” Brumagen said. “But we’ve definitely gotten much better at planning the event over time. Over time it has grown, the bands have gotten more popular, and now I think our system is running like a well oiled machine. After 4 or 5 years the planning has grown and our preparation has grown as well.”

Red Rhythm & Boom Public Information Officer Lindsey Bauer commends the city’s officials for the work put into to produce this event.  

“We couldn’t do this without the help of the city council,” Bauer said. “It’s huge to know they put their support into this and we make it a priority that our staff is dedicated to making this successful for our residents, and that’s what we want them to do. We want them to come and enjoy it and when you enjoy it that’s what makes our jobs even better. Who we bring here has been really attractive for our residents. Having Andy Grammar come, Phillip Phillips, and this year with The Fray, putting more thought into our performers has definitely helped to grow the event and its interest.”

Not only is the event itself benefiting the community, but the revenue made from it is as well. Rachel Kopfler, President of the Parks and Recreation Foundation said that the city is donating a portion of the event’s profits to the construction of Mason’s upcoming all-inclusive park, Common Ground.

“I think it’s really cool that the city puts this on every year, a free concert for the community, making sure that there’s food, drinks, fireworks and stuff to do,” Kopfler said. ”The city is very generous that they don’t keep any of the sales of the soda, or the sales of the wristbands for the kids area. They donate all that back to the parks foundation for Common Ground so we are beneficiary of the day, so it’s a fun community event that goes towards a good cause.”

Overall, the event was enjoyed by Mason residents of all ages who celebrated the holiday with food, friends, and fireworks while experiencing exciting live performances. Bauer said that all the work that goes into the event is to ensure a unifying community event for all ages participate in.

“We want Mason’s residents to know that they have a signature event that all families and all ages can enjoy, whether you’re two years old or ninety years old,” Bauer said. “We have something for everybody. We have games, food trucks, music, and we invite local Mason businesses as vendors here so it really is a community event.”


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Photos by Riley Johansen.