Gaskin shines in social media spotlight, showcases music to hundreds of thousands of listeners through streaming platforms

Della Johnson | Staff Writer

Listen to Darius’ single “Insanity”.

Over 150 thousand listeners have pressed play on senior Darius Gaskin’s career.
Since releasing his debut single “Insanity” on August 10, Gaskin has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and Spotify, both of which he has also gained a multitude of followers on.

The massive exposure was partially due to the fact that the video was posted on Gaskin’s mom’s channel, titled Bloveslife, which was already comprised of 800 thousand subscribers. Despite his mother’s fame, Gaskin said he was still surprised by the amount of attention he received.

“My whole family does YouTube,” Gaskin said. “So, when I released the song, (Insanity) I knew it was going to do fairly well. But, I didn’t at all think that it was going to have the amount of feedback that it did. It’s just so nice to see, because I have wanted to do this my whole life. When I released my first single ever, it got a hundred thousand views in a couple days. I found that really heartwarming.”

On Gaskin’s personal channel, It’sDarius, his most popular video has gained over 200 thousand views since posted. Gaskin just recently moved here; his channel was made in his small hometown in Wisconsin. Gaskin said the size of the school overwhelmed him in comparison to what he was used to.

“At my old school, I knew everybody in my senior class, and everybody knew me,” Gaskin said. “To come here, this school is way bigger and there are more kids in the school. I was completely removed from my comfortability that I had in Wisconsin, with all my friends and everything.”

Gaskin said that though he has been singing for as long as he can remember, he only recently turned it into his full time career by utilizing social media and developing a fan base.

“I actually have been singing my whole life,” Gaskin said. “I didn’t think anything of it, because everyone sings to themselves, it’s whatever. But I just always found myself making my own stuff. Really recently, a couple months ago, I actually started making my own music.”

With many professional songs, production occurs with professional lyricists and audio mixers. But with Gaskin, the early production was majorly done on his own, with help from a studio producer.

“I did it all at home,” Gaskin said. “I created the beat and I wrote the lyrics, I did everything myself. Essentially, what I was going to originally do was make it all by myself, then go to a recording studio just to get it fine-tuned. But, when I got there, the producer was like, ‘I could really help improve the song by adding a better beat,’ and stuff like that. We worked together on that and I’m really happy with the final product. Way happier than I was with how I did it myself.”

Senior Darius Gaskin records, edits and distributes his music all in his room.

Like other online personalities, Gaskin said he receives hate, sometimes from people he does not know.

“People just say the most vile things,” Gaskin said. “Every day, I wake up to several Instagram Direct Messages (DM) from people I don’t know at all, across the nation. You wouldn’t believe it. People are really mean behind a computer screen; they just say whatever they want to say.”

Gaskin plans to release more music in the coming months. However, he said his progress on a debut album is being impeded by the start of school.

“I want to release an EP either at the end of this year or by the first quarter of 2019,” Gaskin said. “That’s in the works right now, even though it’s much harder because I’m trying to juggle work and school. When I released my first single, it was easier. I had the summer, and I would’ve just been doing nothing, so. I had time to write and everything, and now I’m trying to write and do school. I know it’s going to be difficult with AP classes, trying to put all my stuff together.”

Despite his slowed progress on producing an album, Gaskin is close to releasing another single. He said that it will have a different sound than ‘Insanity’ due to his trying to find his voice as an artist.

“I’m coming out with a new single really soon,” Gaskin said. “It’s going to be different from Insanity because I make a variety of music styles. I’m really trying to find my sound and that takes a little bit of experimenting. I think today, now more than ever, many artists aren’t sticking to the standard molds that genres put us in. And to me, that makes music sounds more organic. As for my next single I think it takes more of a chill pop vibe.”
Gaskin said once more people know about his large online presence, he does not want to be treated differently.

“Most people don’t know about my music,” Gaskin said. “So far, the people who do know haven’t treated me any differently than I was treated in Wisconsin. It’s just my career choice. I’m no different than anybody else.”

Photos by Tanner Pearson.