MHS Art Students’ work displayed for the community

Henri Robbins | Staff Writer

The arts program is creating opportunities for students to apply their classroom experiences to the real world. On September 27 at Mad Monks Pizza, a showcase of student works from AP Studio and Digital Image Design was unveiled. The exhibit included photos, graphite drawings, acrylic pieces, and mixed media from both juniors and seniors in Audrey Gorman and Dan McKay’s classes.

“Mad Monks approached us and said that they had a gallery wall and that they would like to feature student work,” Gorman said. “I believe they reached out to Mrs. Roberts first, and she followed up after talking with the department, and we all felt that it would be a great opportunity for our kids to get their work out in the community.”

Junior Makenna Burton said that she is proud to have her work featured and hopes that it can make an impact in the community. She wants her work to inspire positive change in Mason and create more awareness for the arts.

“I feel like showing people artwork really expands people’s ideas on art,” said Burton. “Not a lot of people think it’s something that’s that cool or that it’s something you can get a job in. This impacts the community because it shows people you can get so much out of something so little, and that has so much meaning behind it.”

AP Art Studio teacher Audrey Gorman said that she is glad to see students getting the exposure from this and hopes that their talents are recognized by the community.

“Who knows who’s going to come by and look at it?” Gorman said. “Someone who’s looking for an illustrator for a children’s book could come in and see one of the works and say ‘oh, that’s exactly the style I’m looking for’, or (someone might) see photographs by some of the students and say, ‘you know, I really need a piece like that for an ad campaign.’ You don’t know who’s going to come through.”

During the opening, Superintendent Jonathan Cooper came by to check out the work. Having initially majored in art during college, Cooper said that he is glad to see students expressing themselves through art and the community embracing it.

“It’s not only excellent for our students, but I feel like art is a healing and connecting piece for our community,” Cooper said. “So for them to see artwork posted around our community gives an opportunity for sharing not only talent but hope, because they see that people are creating things and using their creativity to do it.”


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