Opinion: Homecoming benefitted from a breath of fresh air

Henri Robbins | Staff Writer

With so many changes to the homecoming dance, anyone would agree that the new location just didn’t feel the same compared to how it was last year. Something was missing, and whether that something was the sweat raining from the ceiling, the dimly-lit hallways, or the awkwardly quiet game rooms is anyone’s guess.

Location-wise, the move to the high school was a smart decision, even if it wasn’t one made by anyone organizing it – there was more space, more available seating, and the location was somewhere that students were more used to. In previous years, high school students would be “coming home” to a school they didn’t even attend. They would come back to school and to celebrate their return, they would go to a party somewhere that they hadn’t been for years.

This year, they were able to attend a dance that they knew. A dance that felt at home, and that they spent an entire week beforehand watching come together. Sure, the school always has spirit week, and sure, they decorate a bit, but this ended up being more like seeing decorations around your house before a holiday, when beforehand it was just like when you see a few lights scattered around before you go somewhere completely different to actually celebrate. It felt more like students were a part of everything that was happening, instead of it just being something that they went to.

Along with all of that, the new location just felt more natural. There wasn’t the infamous “rain of sweat” when you were dancing, there weren’t awkward moments in overcrowded and dimly-lit hallways, and there wasn’t just the same old music that everyone has heard a thousand times. The live band added a bit of at-home flair this year and played something for everyone. Sure, the lighting may have been a bit less than ideal, and the location may have just not been tradition, but what’s tradition in the face of so much new? A breath of fresh air and a bit more to take in is worth pictures that aren’t quite as perfect as before, and even then, most everyone takes their actual pictures beforehand.

While the new dance might not have been quite the same, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t as good. Sure, the new location was a big shift from before, and sure, the theme wasn’t all there, but is the theme really what the dance is for? What matters is something you can have fun in, something where you can appreciate your friend, your date, whoever. What matters is that this did that exactly – sure, it was different, but is different wholly bad?