Students create online personality profiles for furry friends

Anusha Vadlamani | Staff Writer

These Instagram accounts are paws-itively taking off. 

Pets are all over social media, particularly on Instagram, where the concept of giving pets an online persona has become a regular occurrence. According to the Huffington Post, the online movement started in 2013 when a woman posted pictures of her French Bulldog. People loved the pictures so much that the trend took off, with thousands of accounts dedicated to pets now. Junior Shruthi Rajaram started an account for her bunny, Oreo because she could show off her bunny while staying on-trend.  

“A lot of my friends had made accounts for their pets at that time cause it was just something that was popular,” Rajaram said. “I decided to make one because my bunny was my first pet and I could share pictures that were just of her and put them up on social media so that everyone could see and appreciate her.”

Rajaram said even though the account might have been a joke when she started it three years ago, it’s now about making it seem like her bunny has a life of her own. 

“I did it originally as a joke because some people just like looking at pictures of cute pets,” Rajaram said. “But then I started making it look like the bunny was typing and things like that. It just turned into something where I wanted to give her a life of her own.”

Sophomore Yamha Sami said she chose to give her cat a personality online to, essentially, create a cat community. 

“It’s funny when we have personalities for our cats,” Sami said. “I just tried to make him like regular, teenager kitten. I posted a picture of him with a necklace on and I captioned it ‘Bling Bling.’Another friend of mine has a cat and our cats are actually brother and sister, and she comments on it from her cat’s account and she’s like ‘hey big bro!”’

While Junior Vince Albers has not found anyone else with a hedgehog, the pictures of his hedgehog, Winston Churchquill, are something he thought that everyone would be able to enjoy and appreciate.

“I would post pictures of him online because I just thought it was fun to do,” Albers said. “I would dress him up and give him little things to hold because I thought it was funny and kind of cute. I was messing around online as a hedgehog and I thought people would laugh.”

Junior Vince Albers takes a picture with his pet hedgehog ‘Winston Churchquill’ to post on his instagram account.

Despite finding the pictures funny, Albers said that sometimes he feels like a parent because of all the pictures that he posts. 

“It’s like having a little baby; I feel like a parent when I post all these pictures with all these cute, little captions,” Albers said. “I feel like that mom on social media having fun posting pictures of her kid.”

Photo Ryan D’Souza.