Chaney ready to add his name to a legacy of great swimmers at MHS

Rahul Parikh | Sports Editor

Junior Adam Chaney is swimming in success. 

To list a few of the accomplishments to his name, Chaney is the State champion in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard backstroke, finished second in the world in the 100 meter backstroke and third in the 100 meter freestyle at the Junior Pan Pacific Championship in Fiji, won Junior Nationals in the 50-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke, and is headed to the Olympic Trials in 2020. 

During his freshman and sophomore years, Chaney swam at Bishop Fenwick High School but transferred to Mason this year. Chaney said a huge part of the reason he loves swimming is the culture, and could not imagine the success he’s had without teammates, coaches, and a positive environment. 

“With Mason’s atmosphere and all my friends here, I can’t imagine training by myself without everyone there with me every day,” Chaney said. “ I feel like it’d be really pointless, they’re so important to me.”

With all the long course national competitions over the summer, Chaney said he is dedicated to the high school team currently, and they have set goals they want to achieve this season.

“We really want to win the GMC, that’s been a big goal for us this year,” Chaney said. “ We also want to prepare for high school states as much as possible, and win the state championship in the 200 freestyle relay.” 

Junior swimmer Adam Chaney practices the butterfly stroke with the boys varsity swimming team in preparation for a meet. Chaney is considered one of the top swimmers in the country.

Chaney also competes with the Mason Manta Rays, a club team, throughout the entire year. With the amount of time Chaney spends in the pool, he said that it becomes more difficult to manage school, but he is able to work through it.

“I’m in the pool twice a day almost every day of the week this time of year between high school and the Manta Rays,” Chaney said. “I missed ten days during first semester because of competition, but I’m always checking in with my teachers to make sure I’m keeping up in class.”

With Chaney at such a high level in the water, an inevitable aspect of his competitions has come to be college recruitment. Chaney said that to college recruiters, camaraderie and character is as important as performance, because you’re constantly interacting with your team.

“They (recruiters) obviously want to see what you excel in, but it’s also about how well you fit in with the atmosphere of their team,” Chaney said. “It’s great because I already have gotten to know a lot of college swimmers and raced with them.”

Chaney said that his recent trip to Fiji to compete at the Junior Pan Pacific Championship with the world’s best gave him a taste of what it would be like to swim competitively after college. 

“I’d definitely like to swim after college, it’d be a great experience for me,” Chaney said. “Going to Fiji with that team, felt just like it would going to the Olympics. They brought two Olympians to coach us, so they furthered our understanding of competing at that high level.”

Chaney has been swimming competitively practically his whole life, but he said when he reached high school, he realized swimming was something he could really excel in, and there was one moment in particular that motivated him to stick with it. 

“I’ve been swimming forever, but when I got to high school everyone started telling me this was something I should really pursue,” Chaney said. “That summer, I went to New York for nationals, and that’s where I took that next step and realized I could really do something with this.”

Photo by Tanner Pearson.