Freshmen girls form group to discuss the Bible

Riley Johansen | Staff Writer

Through opening their Bibles, a group of freshmen girls are also opening up to one another.

Freshman Madison Kopfler invited female members of her class to attend a once-a-week Bible study and create a community for the coming high school years. After conversing with mentors from her church as well as researching messages for her age group, Kopfler began spreading the word via social media and has accumulated 19 girls in the freshman class to attend.

With two meetings already in the books, Kopfler said that her group sparked from the difficulties she had encountered with the changing social scenes in high school and her desire to help others adjust and connect through a common interest.

“I’m personally friends with a lot of different types of groups and all different people who all are religious, so I thought it’d be really cool if I brought all of those groups together and created this community in freshman girls as we’re going through high school,” Kopfler said. “I thought it’d be really cool to create a group where everybody could just learn about Christ together and make it a place where you can talk about issues that somebody will understand, relate, and be able to give you advice.”

Freshman Mikayla Poteet has been with Kopfler’s group since she was invited by another member and said she has been very grateful for the experience that she has had so far. Poteet said the community has made her first year in high school less stressful.

“I think it’s important to have a group like this to have an outlet in everybody’s busy lives,” Poteet said. “Just knowing that you have people that support and care about you is a great feeling and makes high school feel just a little bit easier to go through.”

Aside from the religious aspect of the group, Kopfler said she hopes this community will build a strong bond for the girls to have a sturdy friend group as well as a support system as they progress through their high school careers.

“Once freshmen become sophomores, sometimes you can feel like you don’t have a place anymore,” Kopfler said. “The seniors who had become your mentors leave for college and you don’t have that group anymore, so I want to make a group for people so they could continue to have that community all the way through high school and never feel like they don’t have a place.”

Freshman Madison Kopfler united girls in her grade to discuss the Bible.

Kopfler also invites girls to lead discussions and biblical messages in order to relate the Bible to situations many of the girls have experienced. Freshman Katie Reeves has attended since the first meeting and has already found comfort in the community. Reeves said she looks forward to watching the group expand as well as the members becoming closer as the group follows them through their years of high school.

“The meeting begins with a girl in the group who wants to talk about a certain chapter in the Bible and guides the meeting for the night,” Reeves said. “We’ll read the passage that’s chosen and talk about how we can apply them to our lives. This has been something that’s helped me to feel like I’m not alone in the things that I go through as a freshman. I can’t wait to see the group get more united as we move up through grade levels together.”

Kopfler’s main goal in her initiative is to develop a welcoming and encouraging space to lessen the intimidation factors of the first year of high school. Kopfler said she wants to spread the mentality with which she has carried herself throughout her freshman year as well.

“As for me, I love everybody,” Kopfler said. “I want everybody to be included and I want to encourage people to do that. Everybody in this group is so ac- cepting and loving and just wants to create new bonds and friendships so that freshman year and making new friends is less scary.”

Poteet said the group has not only connected her to her classmates, but also to a more vulnerable side of herself in religious discussions make those bonds even more special.

“I feel like our grade isn’t very united or as close as we used to be,” Poteet said. “This group has helped me become closer with a lot of girls in my class and helps me knowing that other people my age are going through the same things. This is such a good way to see those other perspectives and learn about each other while still learning about Jesus at the same time.”

Photo by Riley Johansen.