Opinion: Half an hour is not life-changing

Lily Geiser | Staff Writer

Well, it’s official: we’re moving the start time back half an hour.

The rumors that have been floating around the school for months now have finally been settled. Next year, the school start time is going to move back to 7:45, giving the student body half an hour to, in theory, sleep just a little bit longer. And it seems like everybody’s got a different opinion on it. Some people are violently against it — we’re getting out at 2:45? What about our extracurriculars? Our jobs? Our homework? Others are violently for it — an extra half an hour of sleep? Sign me up! Personally, I’m glad that the time moved back. Sure, I’ll probably just go to bed a half an hour later to make up the difference, but it’s nice to see an effort to make life easier for the kids. But at this point, that’s all this is — an effort.

No, moving the school day back half an hour is not going to irrevocably screw up your life. Half an hour is not going to suddenly make everything unmanageable (if it is, you’ve got too much going on right now). And yeah, it isn’t exactly fun to leave school later any day, but in all honesty, I doubt we’ll really notice a difference.

No, moving the school day back half an hour is not going to fix all of your problems. An extra half an hour of sleep which, let’s be honest, most of us won’t take advantage of, won’t make you suddenly completely awake and alert in first bell. And it’s not going to fix the school’s very serious problem with mental health (which, I would hope, was the intention of moving back the start time). I doubt anyone ever thought that it would. We’re still going to have too many classes, too much homework, and too much stress. That’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

It seems like every time the school makes a change to the way things run, we all act like it’s the end of days — Judgement Day is here at last. Remember when they changed the french fries? Now, people just don’t buy them if they don’t like them. Remember when they made Primetime every other week? Yeah, it’s not super fun to be here for a full day in the middle of the week, but at the end of the day, how much did it really impact your life? Remember — if you were here way back 2011 — when they got rid of the Churros? Okay, bad example. We still miss our Churros. But you get the point.

Making any significant difference in the lives of the student body — positive or negative — is going to take a lot more than a half an hour. Thirty minutes isn’t a lot of time. Sometimes it feels that way (trust me, I know), but it’s not. Will it be harder to find time for friends? Maybe. Will we get more sleep? Maybe. But by the time September rolls around, I doubt we’ll even notice the difference.