Opinion: Change is Coming

Anusha Vadlamani | Staff Writer

I’m really excited to be a senior.

Not just because I get to blame everything I don’t finish on senioritis (which is pretty much what I do now anyway), but because things are starting to change at Mason, all in time for when I’m about to walk across the stage, diploma in hand.

Next year, school is finally – finally – going to start 30 minutes later. Which is awesome news because that’s 30 extra minutes I get to stay up studying and reading. (Or you know, watching an extra episode of ‘The Office.’) I know that 30 minutes seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it is definitely a stepping stone in the right direction. I think the biggest, and most crucial, change, however, is the possible implementation of block scheduling.

When I first saw the potential schedule next year, I was miffed. I’m about to become a senior; I don’t want things to change up on me right as I finally get to become the highest of upperclassmen. Instead of knowing and mastering the art of Mason High School, I’m going to have to learn it all over again with the incoming freshmen. Which in prospect, isn’t the worst way to spend my last year at the high school. I guess I’m just opposed to change.

Instead of going to every single one of your seven classes a day, the block schedule means that you only go to a couple of longer classes a day instead. I understand that people might be upset because that means sitting through your least favorite class for 20 extra minutes, but I believe it’s a small price to pay. Instead of learning about seven different subjects a day, we get to focus on a couple and truly retain the knowledge from those subjects before moving on to the next class.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers need between eight and ten hours of sleep each night. But only 15 percent are even getting close to the needed amount. Part of the reason for the lack of sleep is homework. The block schedule though, I think, is going to help increase that percentage. Having homework from only three or four classes a day is so much better than having homework from all seven of your classes. You wouldn’t have to stay up till ungodly hours just to finish a group project by yourself (I’m hoping those days are behind us.)

The block schedule is also introducing time on Wednesdays to just sit down, relax and decompress. Mental health awareness has been a focus for the district this year, and this time on Wednesday is a reflection of that. I think this time could possibly be the most important thing that the district is introducing next year. A break from the routine of the school day to focus on yourself for a while? Yes, please.

Change is coming next year, and I don’t know if I’m ready for it. At least we’re all going to be learning together.