GSA to hold first ever ‘Pride Night Dance’

Henri Robbins | Staff Writer

Mason High School’s newest dance is encouraging students to take pride in who they are.

The Pride Night Dance, hosted by Mason’s Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), is on Saturday, March 9. The dance was created to show their support for the LGBT community and create awareness for the issues it faces. The dance is intended to provide a safe space for students of all identities and allow them to express themselves freely.

The first of its kind to be hosted at Mason High School, the dance is open to students from Mason, Kings, Lebanon, Sycamore, and Lakota West. Senior Savannah Quach said she hopes it helps students feel more accepted and understood.

“We’re trying to have a safe space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves and bringing who they want,” Quach said, “Because we know that at dances like homecoming or prom they may feel too scared–they don’t want to be discriminated against or bullied.”

To promote acceptance, decorations are going to be thematic to the gay rights movement. The decorations, according to GSA Advisor Maria Mueller, will consist of flags and patterns that represent the movement’s history and different aspects of the community.

“Oftentimes, the gay rights movement has used rainbow flags as a part of the imagery one might associate with the movement,” Mueller said, “So there will be rainbow colors, there will be flags that represent not just that classic imagery, but flags that represent the importance of inclusion for not only gay and lesbian people but for transgender and nonbinary people, so there will be a multitude of flags as well, representing all the ways that we are.”

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club members handcraft decorations and pride flags for the dance.

Along with decorations, the dance will also have both a DJ and live music, a photo booth, professional photographers and karaoke. Senior Calista Busch said all of this is not just meant to make the dance more enjoy- able, but to help bring together students from multiple areas and bridge the communities together.

“We wanted to help get students from all around to come together to a dance like this that will be a safe space for everyone,” Busch said. “Since it’s the LGBT community, we wanted to get that community aspect into our club here at Mason and into the school in general.”

Senior Calista Busch straightens out an LGBT pride flag, one of the various flags that will be displayed at the dance.

Even though the event has just begun this year, Quach said she wanted it to happen for a long time, and is glad to see that the school is willing to accomodate.

“I feel like we’ve always had this need, but as the years go on we’re more comfortable actually taking action,” Quach said. “We’re getting more support from the school. Right now, we honestly were surprised that the school allowed us to do this, and they’ve supported us the whole time.”

With this event, the GSA is aiming to help students feel safer and more included, but Busch said they are also hoping to start more discussions about LGBT issues in the school and create a more accepting environment.

“In general, it’s a pretty accepting place at Mason,” Busch said, “But I do think that there needs to be more of a discussion about LGBT topics, especially in health classes and stuff where it’s barely ever talked about.”