Students believe crystals bring mental and physical healing

Sophia Johnson | Staff Writer

From amethysts to obsidian, some believe crystals are more than just an aesthetic value.

Senior Maddie Miller uses a pendulum to guide her through significant life choices.

Due to the belief that there is a matched energy between crystals and the human body, crystal healing is being used as a form of spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Senior Maddie Miller said she wears jewelry and perfumes that contain crystals so she can absorb the positive energy that they give off daily.

“I have this perfume with citrine crystals infused in it; I’m drawn towards citrine because it brings joy, happiness and light, so I use them pretty much every day,” Miller said. “I also wear rings that have the crystals in them. It just brings me peace of mind. Each crystal has a certain energy that it channels and the body pretty much absorbs the energy that the crystal is putting off. I like to wear them because they all have a special meaning behind them and they all connect to different chakras.”

There are seven main chakras, or central points of energy in your body, according to Miller. Different crystals, she said, match to specific chakras that can give healing.

“A chakra connects to a certain part of the body, so there’s the crown chakra which is connected to the brain, the third eye is awareness, and the throat is mostly speaking.” Miller said.“The heart chakra is knowing your true self and unconsciously what you or your heart wants. The solar plexus is your stomach area or your gut feeling, and the sacral chakra is mainly for women who are pregnant and want to channel their sacral part. The root chakra, which is the bottom of your spine, is what keeps you grounded. So if you let the body absorb the energy from the crystals, then that can help your body heal.”

Believing in the healing powers of crystals has led people to question Miller’s religious beliefs. Instead of using her crystals to challenge religion, Miller said it strengthens her spiritual connection.

“The way my belief system works is that everything happens for a reason,” Miller said. “So you could say my belief is that (the world) is controlled by God since everything is controlled by God, but these crystals enhance it.”

Miller uses a Himalayan Salt Lamp to accommodate her Crystals

The main purpose of senior Annabella Collin’s crystal is to provide emotional support. Collins said she will often use her crystal as a way to help ease her nerves and spiritually connect with her sister.

“I just keep it more as something for me, like a comfort and a support system for my own well being,¨ Collins said. ¨My crystal is an Angelite so the sole purpose of it is to connect you with your angels in heaven. So when I’m feeling sad about Maya or I’m feeling anxious, I rub it and carry it with me so it makes me feel closer to her.¨

Senior Sarah Hudson said she goes about crystal healing by surrounding herself with different crystals during meditation and other everyday activities.

“I have individual crystals I keep in my car, in my bedroom, on my nightstand, I also have a lot of necklaces,” Hudson said. “Sometimes I can just carry them around, or meditate with them, everyone has different uses for them, it’s just what you are pursuing from it.”

Some people also use crystal pendulums to answer their questions and guide them generally through life. Miller said she owns a crystal pendulum that allows her to make decisions based on her subconscious mind.

¨I use my pendulum about once a week for making decisions, which it does by swinging a certain way,” Miller said. ¨If you hold it and ask, ‘show me yes’, it will swing up or down, and ‘show me no’ is side to side, but it is different for everyone. Once I used it myself, I felt It sensed my energy and was letting me know what I truly want.”

Miller said she has and continues to use her crystal pendulum to aid her in making choices that come from the unconscious part of her mind.

“I use it for small life decisions; I was really stuck on which college I wanted to go to, but once the pendulum channeled my energy then I truly realized subconsciously I just really wanted to go to the one college,” Miller said. ¨By using it, it pushed pass all the wonder and doubt and goes to a yes or no without thinking about all the negatives.”

Spiritual and emotional healing is a common reason for using crystals, Hudson said. She said the variety of crystals that focus on providing the body with positive energy can have an impact on many people’s minds.

“Every crystal has a different use, like an amethyst crystal helps with spirituality and blocking the negative, there are rose court crystals that help you love other people,” Hudson said. “It’s for your emotions and your mindset on things, it’s for healing. Most people are damaged from the mentality, a mindset or mental illness, so I think crystals help a lot with that.”

While Hudson said she has found people who also practice crystal healing, other people she has tried to show continue to doubt the healing process.

“I feel like a lot of people are against it and a lot of people are with it, there’s not really an in between,” Hudson said. “I’ve explained it to people and they’ve been like ‘that’s total crap, that doesn’t work’. I think it works, but other people don’t and that’s their own opinion.”

Hudson said those who are often against the idea of crystal healing are unaware of the purpose the crystals have internally.

“I definitely think that them changing your outside environment is a big misconception,” Hudson said. “People think that good things are going to come to you and happen, but nothing is going to externally change in your life, it’s with your personality. I’ve tried to explain that, and I think that is the biggest part that people don’t understand.”

Photos by Sophia Johnson.