Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ Unsure of Identity

Jake Sapp | Staff Writer

Score: 79%

After seeing the trailers for ‘Captain Marvel’, I can’t say I was very excited to see it, everything about it just seemed like it was doing a play-by-play of everything that every other Marvel film had done before it. After seeing it I can say I was right to some extent, but the film does offer a story that makes it stand out from the likes of heroes like Thor and Captain America. The film follows a Kree warrior by the name of Vers (played by Brie Larson), a woman who barely remembers her past searching for answers, and Nicholas Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson), a S.H.I.E.L.D agent that people will vividly remember from previous Marvel films. The two have excellent chemistry when they are interacting with one another throughout the film, with it at one point almost feeling like a buddy-cop flick. Character moments are littered throughout, and individual scenes really do bring a lot of personality to the side characters that would be lost in many other Marvel films. The film does not offer very many interesting action scenes, however, barely scratching the surface of the standard that the Russo brothers set in their Captain America movies. On that front as well, the film doesn’t have very much of an identity for itself, feeling very visually stagnant in a lot of scenes with little to no camera experimentation. Brie Larson does an excellent job with what she was given for the script, but there are a few points where it feels like bad direction made her character feel a bit wooden. However, the film sets up the groundwork for what I think could eventually be one of the MCU’s most dynamic and interesting characters to date, alongside characters like Thor and Iron Man. Sometimes the film gets a little confused about it wants to be, switching between a sci-fi epic to a buddy cop adventure on the fly with no flow whatsoever, making the tone feel a little bit muddled. Much like Vers struggles to figure out who she is, ‘Captain Marvel’ struggles to find its identity, but sets up the precedent for a very intriguing character.