Students provide theories for final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ where anything could happen

Alex Lisa | Staff Writer 

Eight years since the television debut. Twenty-two years since the books were published. 1,243 character deaths over the course of the story. All of it has been for the throne.

The question is: Has it all been worth it?

The Game of Thrones television series, based off the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin, is releasing its eighth and final season on April 14th. The show initially captured and kept the attention of fans through its award-winning special effects, record-breaking television battle scenes, and it’s dedication to staying true to the literary material. However, when Martin failed to keep up with the books, the story ceded its plot to the show’s production team in season six. Sophomore at and long-time fan Katie Maier said that many fans are spiteful towards the new seasons.

“I know a lot of people had an issue with the change of pace that the season took, and it did, it felt like it was moving much faster,’ Maier said. “And this new season is only supposed to have six episodes, so the material could be condensed even more, and I am a bit concerned about that.”

Senior Lisa Li said that one thing which she enjoyed about the books is the fact that the complex plots were so detailed and gradually explained or revealed.

“I think what I love so much about the series is the plots and subplots,” Li said. “They way they reveal it, it’s so great at building suspense, and there are so many characters that everything impacts more than one storyline. I actually haven’t been reading a lot lately, which isn’t a good thing, but if the next book in the series were to come out, I would have to get it and read it. The series is just so addicting.”

The final book in the series, however, titled “Dance with Dragons,” was released in 2011. Rather than continue and finish this series, George RR Martin published the first book in a prequel series, and with the author’s old age many worry that the book series will never be finished. Li, however, said she is still banking on a finale for the books.

“I’m holding out hope,” Li said. “George Martin is moving slowly, but I think he has every intention of finishing his series . . . If we didn’t get to see his ending, I would be really disappointed.”

Maier said that many people are upset about the fact that the series has not stayed true to its content, and that she understands why some fans feel that way, but that she does not agree with them.

“I’ve read the books (as well as seen the television series) and I feel like it’s going in a direction that George RR Martin intended,” Maier said. “Especially because he is still consulting with the makers of the series, he’s said in a ton of interviews, so I trust them.”

In fact George RR Martin has held multiple interviews with media networks such as Variety and The Guardian that he has worked with the producers of the show, even writing some episodes. Regardless, however, later seasons have received markedly worse reviews from critics who claim, according to The Guardian, that the show has become “a dumbed-down, shark-jumping mess.” Maier, however, argued that several people have skewed views because the show is not turning out the way they want to.

“I was in line once and I heard a group of women claiming that the show was misogynistic, which is a completely wrong and one-sided view that ignores all of the strong, powerful women in the series,” Maier said. “And I’ve heard people turning on the show because they think Jon is undermining Daenerys for the throne, and they think that’s sexist, they’re just grasping at straws. I think people get nitpicky when their favorites don’t win.”

Maier said that part of the beauty of having a final season without any known ending is that everyone will be surprised.

“It’s going to be a shock, like it always is, and there will probably be people who aren’t happy,” Maier said. “Personally, I think the Dragon Queen is going to die, and that is not a pleasant thing for me to think about. I don’t want her to, but I think she’s been too perfect of a character. But in the end, everyone has their theories because there’s no last book. And what’s great is I think we’re all going to be wrong.”

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