Review: DC Continues Upwards Trend with ‘Shazam’

Jake Sapp | Staff Writer

Score: 90%

DC has been on a roll lately, and Shazam is no exception in the slightest. After the thoroughly enjoyable “Aquaman”, David Sandberg has delivered an action comedy that feels as though it was ripped straight out of the early 2000s, and carries with it all of the same charm that made films of that era so great. Zachary Levi, playing the part of an adult Billy Baxton, is able to give a performance that perfectly captures the attitude, mannerisms, and emotions of a 14 year-old boy struggling with having to deal with family issues, school life, and suddenly gaining superhuman abilities from a wizard. Despite its strange premise, the film is able to effectively balance both comedy and serious moral issues throughout its runtime, having one gut-wrenching scene in particular that stands out against the rest. Some of the CGI is weak at times, and the final fight lasts a bit longer than it should have, but otherwise these criticisms are negotiable because of how fun the film is overall. DC may have been struggling to find it’s way during its early years, but much like Billy Baxton, it has found its footing and has the capability to do great things in the future.