Review: ‘Us’

Henri Robbins | Staff Writer

Score: 85%

After directing the wildly successful Get Out, Jordan Peele’s Us is a stunning thriller which paints a portrait of haunting parallels. Establishing itself in dark symbolism and playing off of an overarching feeling of uncanny, Us works to create not simply a suspenseful film, but one which raises questions about the world around us and how we perceive it. Rooting itself in the supernatural, and drawing inspiration from both modern conspiracy and biblical verse, the film raises many more questions than it answers, but draws to a close in a way that still feels complete. While there were some flaws in storytelling and writing, such as a lack of depth in the later (and for the most part, unnecessary) expositions, the overall stylistic choices, including stunning visuals and an intense focus on skewed parallels, created an environment in which the story was still believable and gripping. Performances from actors felt genuine, and the unnatural movements and mannerisms of the shadows, especially Evan Alex’s character, who seemed nearly inhuman at times . And while the fear factor of the movie was nothing to write home about, the film still held its own with a suspenseful, dark storyline and deeply unnerving visuals.