Staff Editorial: Planned parenthood provides crucial healthcare

Recently, the state of Ohio decided to make some budget cuts. They cut out all the usual stuff — overpaid politicians, unused funding. Normal, right? Well, not exactly. What happened instead was that Planned Parenthood was completely defunded. 

And if you’re opposed to abortion then that’s great, right? 

Most would say so, but that’s simply not the case: Planned Parenthood does more to prevent abortions than provide them. They provide education, contraception, and counseling services to create (shockingly) a planned pregnancy. 

Along with that, they provide a vast amount of open healthcare, not only for reproductive health, but for general check-ups, cancer screenings, and more.

Yet there are still the protests, still the signs waving outside of each building and the vitriolic, disregarding, demeaning insults slewn at anyone who dares even approach that cursed place, where it’s insisted that nothing but pain and suffering and death comes from. 

The hatred that’s become so commonplace, so normalized, turns out to be completely baseless – the assumption that every woman who goes seeks to “end a life” is wildly misconstrued for many reasons. 

No matter the politics of it, out of the 2.4 million patients they saw in the last year and the 9.6 million treatments they provided, only 3.4% of the services provided were for abortions, with cancer screenings making up almost double that, and other health services — STI testing and treatment, women’s healthcare, and contraception — making up more than 60% of the provided services. 

To put it quite frankly, they do a lot, and all of that was either overlooked or entirely ignored when passing this bill. 

It’s a blatant demonstration of the lack of care towards the average person that is present in politics today – the people’s needs are disregarded completely in favor of preventing one perceived evil, which has no effective impact on half of the population, and can be a godsend to the other half. 

But of course, it’s hard to say what the truth is these days, considering that science itself has become no more valuable than the common man’s opinion. 

With denial of climate change, of medical care, of anything that makes one’s life more inconvenient for a greater good, we remove strong, solid evidence that can settle an argument, or at least reach a conclusion with a greater confidence than the flimsiness of someone’s word.

The issue with Planned Parenthood emphasizes the danger of a lack of hard evidence: due to the opinions of people emotionally or religiously against abortion, an organization that stands to assist women through one of the most vulnerable times of their lives has developed a reputation of inflicting nothing but pain on our country. 

These accusations are based on the blatant ignorance of actual evidence that should have a heavier impact than a passionate opinion. The problem is, it doesn’t. 

The issue is not the fact that some people are opposed to some things, or that their personal beliefs don’t align with something that doesn’t affect them at all – it’s that there aren’t facts anymore. 

Anyone can say anything, and so many people will confuse their uninformed, emotionally-based opinion for the truth, no matter how little proof or validity there is behind it.