Community comes together to preserve Mason history

Zoe Anello and Hannah Lohmueller

Mason’s Hidden Gem

There is a lot of history in the City of Mason that many residents do not know about. Ever since 1979, the Mason Historical Society has made it their mission to preserve the rich history of the city.

The house was built in 1890, and is located on West Church Street, in downtown Mason. It was owned by a woman named Alverta Green who happened to be an antique dealer. Before she died in 1987, she decided to donate her home to the city, and form a society of visionaries. Ever since, the home has undergone many renovations. Thanks to Alverta’s hobby of selling antiques and donations from the cities residents, the home’s furniture is accurate to the time; bringing out the natural charm of the house.

As a way to give back to the city, the society hosts many events, throughout the year. These events are all in efforts to bring the community together. Some of the events include ice cream socials, cemetery walks, and LaRosas pizza fundraisers.

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