Henri Robbins | Staff Writer

After a successful four albums with boy band BROCKHAMPTON, Kevin Abstract has returned to his solo career to release a stellar second album. Following up his debut ‘American Boyfriend’, a concept album exploring issues of race, sexuality, and social standings, ARIZONA BABY goes even further in that direction, abandoning the former’s storytelling in exchange for a more focused sound. Each track focuses on a cardinal aspect of Kevin’s personality or life, and reflects both upon his public image and his personal experiences. Tracks range in style greatly yet still hold their own, with the contrast against tracks like Corpus Christi and those like Baby Boy and Peach exemplifying both his diversity in style and vocals. Subtle use of guitar combined with strong production lend to this, and make the album’s sound that much more prominent. The album serves its purpose in the best way possible both as a thought reflection upon his own life, and as a captivating look inside.