Mason Drama Club hosts 2019 Drama Camp

Archie Barton | Staff Writer

There’s only one rule in improv: Never say no!

That is just one of many lessons being taught at the 2019 Mason Drama Camp. The camp, running from June 10th-June 14th, was for children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Aiming to teach kids a plethora of basic skills and practices commonly used in drama, the camp focuses on acting, singing, and makeup, along with improvisational and technical theatre.

The camp hosts multiple days of activities and gives the participants an opportunity to have a real stage experience and showcase what they have learned throughout the week in a performance at the end of camp that they give to their friends and families.

The camp is led by students in Mason High School’s Drama Department. Anarv Kamath, a Drama Club member and one of the many leaders in the camp, said that the main purpose of the camp was to have fun and to share his experience of drama with them.

“I decided it was a good idea to volunteer to do this camp,” Kamath said. “I want to teach the kids what I have learned and I want them to know what I know, but also to have fun and for them to bring their hyper energetic selves into the camp.”

It was not their first time for many kids attending the camp, some with previous experiences from last year’s camp and others with prior theatre or stage performances. Incorporating aspects from other camps and classes at the high school, both the participants and the leaders were able to share their own experiences in one camp.

“I had learned improv through just doing it,” Kamath said. “Being enrolled in Actor’s Studio class really helps me teach others about acting.”

With an average of 150 participants a day, each camper is able to experience every aspect of the camp in a class rotation twice a day for the week. Isaac Howell-Brown, a 7th grade camper, learned about improvisation and acting, furthering his skills learned from previous camps.

“I have done an acting camp before where I learned about improv and acting,” Howell-Brown said. “I wanted to see what more I could do and meet new people”.

The camp aims to introduce new skills and develop others. Kamath said that he feels camps like this can help kids at any age have an interest in drama.

“I think that self expression through drama is important at any age,” Kamath said. “I am personally looking toward pursuing a career in theatre or art and Drama Camp being one of the many things that can motivate others to do so as well”.

Photos by Aadrija Biswas.