Red, Rhythm, and Boom celebrates the Fourth of July with Daughtry and Ecosmith

Alana Amaya | Staff Writer

Once again, this year’s Fourth of July celebration went off with a bang. 

Red, Rhythm and Boom was held on July 3rd to continue what has become a Mason tradition in celebrating the 4th of July.

Residents from Mason and surrounding areas gathered outside of the city’s Municipal office building and high school for an evening of music, outdoor activities, food, street vendors, and fireworks.

The evening’s main events started with a skydiving exhibit presented by START Skydiving. After that, the event officially began with the posting of colors and the national anthem. Military Reserve Servicewoman Casey Huber said that celebrating the 4th of July is important to celebrate everything that we have accomplished as a nation and show that there is still a lot of pride in our nation.

“We love it, you know?” Huber said. “Being soldiers, we like to see people out here being patriotic and supporting everything that we do. It makes you really feel like you’re making a difference”

Huber said that giving respect to the military personnel that have served our country is something that the City of Mason makes sure to do, and it is also an important event that helps bring the people in and out of the community into one.

“I think it’s awesome,” Huber said, “Especially because this event is bigger than just Mason, too. All the surrounding communities come together. A sense of community really helps bring everyone together.”

Before the military recognition took place, California based band Echosmith performed live at the event. The indie pop band, made up of three siblings, played an assortment of songs and chose an audience member to take onstage.

After the military recognition that the Council of Mason put together to honor servicemen and women, the main event and attraction of the night took the main stage. This year, Grammy-nominated Daughtry performed. Daughtry was formed and is fronted by namesake Chris Daughtry, a finalist on American Idol. The choice of bands attracted many people from other areas and cities. Dawn Hopper said that she has been following the band Daughtry for a very long time.

“I travelled from Kankakee, Illinois and my friends from Naperville and Indianapolis. we came here because we actually follow the band Daughtry big big fans,” Hopper said. “I’ve seen them in concert many many times and we found out that they were playing here and we figured well heck we’re going to take a roadtrip heck yeah it’s girls on the road”.

To close out the night, the event was wrapped up with traditional fireworks. Which this year was once again presented by Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks helped wrap up the day with a boom with their fireworks display.

As families and groups of friends were leaving the event, Nawaal said that she was satisfied with how she had spent her day. William Mason High School Sophomore Nawaal Shinwari said that she has a lot of fun at this years event.

“You can meet your friends, eat lots of food, and listen to some songs that you may like to listen to live,” Shinwari said. “I had the opportunity to catch up with old  friends I haven’t seen all summer, and I really loved seeing the band Echosmith perform too.”

For many families coming to the event, it has become a tradition for them and something that they look forward to, said William Mason High School Sophomore Holly Zeuch.

“Everyone goes and has a good time and since our community is so large with so many people, it’s a way to connect,” Zeuch said. ”I think it’s important to celebrate the 4th because it’s a very big part of America’s history that should be honored and remembered.”

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Photos by Aadrija Biswas.