Freshmen Spirit Party Welcomes Class of 2023

Cody Allgor | Staff Writer

These upperclassmen are giving new High School students a community they can count on.

The Freshmen Spirit Party made its way to the class of 2023 on August 13 at Mason High School. At the party, the students were split up into their future homeroom classes and were guided through various activities in the high school by the Students Involving and Befriending Students group (SIBS). The freshmen got to interact with their classmates and the SIBS that will be with them throughout the school year. At the end of the day, the freshmen were given their schedules, and they went home or stayed to see their classrooms.

SIBS advisor Jeff Schlaeger explained some of the many changes to the spirit party from past years.

“We have games, we also have meet your SIBS, we have ice breakers, we have a mix of calming things, get to know you, and some fun competition things, we make you travel with your homeroom group all day now,” Schlaeger said. “When you leave here, you should know your SIBS. In the past, we just stayed in four huge monstrosity teams all day, which was fun, but when you left it you didn’t even know who your SIBS were.”

Incoming freshman Drew Vaughen said that the SIBS make the move into high school more inviting.

“It’s not an orientation where you don’t see anybody,” Vaughen said. “You don’t walk into an empty classroom. It’s filled with people that are nice and kind. It’s more inviting to actually be able to do it with people that are fun and know the building.”

Rising Senior Anna Attal, who was new to the district her freshman year, said that she became a part of SIBS to get involved and show other people that they can make their own high school experience by getting involved too.

“When I was a freshman, I was new to the district. I had just moved to Mason, and I knew nobody,” Attal said. ”Being where I am today as a SIB and as someone who loves Mason High School, I can show freshmen that even if you are scared and even if you’re new and know nobody, you have the potential to create an experience for yourself that is going to be beneficial by talking to people, by joining activities, and by getting involved. And personally, I’m able to show that based on how I didn’t grow up in this high school but made it my new second home. “

Schlaeger said that the Spirit Party helps the freshmen get connected and branch out to meet new people.

“There are around eight hundred freshmen. Some people are already connected, and that’s great,” Schlaeger said. “But we need people to know that there are other ways to get connected, and that you have people looking out for you. We really try to get people out of their comfort zone too. You have a group, but you know what? It might be good to meet some other people. We really try to drive home that theme that you need to really look out for yourself and one another and that you have these people who’ve been through it before looking out for you.”

When giving an unplanned speech to the class of 2023, rising senior and SIBS member Lana Saqer said why SIBS puts in the work for other students.

“This is why we do this, to pay it forward,” Saqer said. “It’s not just about ourselves, it’s about other people and more selfless people and I like to think of myself as a selfless and genuine and authentic person. And this is why we do this. This is why we spent hours and hours upon hours. Even today there are things last minute that just didn’t work and we’re backstage trying to figure things out, but we do it because we care because there’s more to life than just you.”

Photos by Andrea Hefferan.