Fall Sports Preview 2019: Boys’ Golf

Cody Allgor | Staff Writer

The Comets have found value in new freshman talent joining upperclassmen to enhance the strength of their team.
8/30-9/1Van Buren Invitational
9/9Alter Invitational @ Miami Valley Golf Club
9/13Elder/Anderson/Mason @ Home
9/14Springboro Invitational @ Heatherwood
9/16Lexington Invitational @ West Brook GC
9/21Bishop Watterson Invitational @ Clover Valley
9/24GMC Tournament @ Walden Ponds
9/25 GMC Tournament @ Walden Ponds

The upperclassmen on the 2019 Mason Comets boys varsity golf team are going to be counted on for a lot more than just turning in low scores. They will be responsible for helping to shape the future of Mason golf. 

Three seniors, Matthew Scheid, Ben Satterthwaite, and Rahul Parikh along with lone junior Charlie Gorski are very capable golfers but these four upperclassmen will be charged with helping mentor two very talented freshman Nate Vonderhaar and AJ Wilhelm, who have already made their mark on the varsity squad early on this season. 

 Head coach Tim Lambert believes these talented young freshmen put pressure on the upperclassmen, especially the junior class. 

“It puts pressure on the junior class, we only have two players that will be coming back next year,” Lambert said. “That will put a lot of pressure on them to become leaders because we have a lot of freshmen, and they’re pretty quality players. The longevity of the program is in the hands of them just to be role models.”

Satterthwaite, who is one of the seniors, said the upperclassmen have done everything they can to prepare the freshmen for their upcoming year. 

“I am trying to play with them a lot,” Satterthwaite said. “Any day that we don’t have tournaments to make them know what varsity golf is all about. I like to take them out, and just play rounds of golf and know what their game is, and get them more prepared to play in higher tournaments.”

Vonderhaar, one of the two freshmen on Varsity A, said he has learned to value this opportunity and not to take it for granted. 

“It’s important to learn that you get certain opportunities only one time, especially me in this position,” Vonderhaar said. “I only had one chance to become a four-year varsity Letterman. And it’s important that you work hard to get to where you are.”

From previous experiences but especially for this year, Coach Lambert said that it is important that everyone realizes and understands their spot on the team.

“I’ve had young teams like this,” Lambert said. “It affects the team in the sense that you have to get the upperclassmen to realize that the young guys are actually quality players. And it also forces the young players to realize your quality players can beat the upperclassmen. It’s something that it’s an individual challenge more than a team challenge, per se. We get each player to accept their role and their abilities to perform.”

Satterthwaite said that he compares this season to past ones in that he didn’t know the freshmen early on, but connecting with them has gotten them closer.

“In our past seasons. we had a lot of older kids on Varsity A, we all knew each other really well,” Satterthwaite said. “I didn’t really know AJ and Nate that well until this season, as we keep going on, getting to know them better is helping us become more close, which will make our golf better.”

Lambert said the Comets have a chance to be an underdog that succeeds this year,  motivated by people who don’t think they can go far.

“The Mason Comet boys have a great opportunity to be that dark horse,” Lambert said. “Currently, not many people think we have a chance to move on to state, which I think we do. It all boils down to the fire in their bellies, we’ll see how they react, we’ll see what happens.”

Photo by Mia Sweitzer.