Digital Media Used to Share Personal Perspectives With the World

Meghan Dincler | Staff Writer

Mason students are letting their ideas blossom online.

Today, blogs and podcasts are more popular than ever, and their popularity is still rising.  Some of Mason High School’s close to 4000 students have contributed to this up-and-coming media style by creating their own.

Sophomore Madison Kopfler is the creator of “Love, Madison”, a blog where she writes about her life and experiences in regards to her religion. She believes that the world can be changed with something simple: a smile. Her blog is based off this idea.

“I blog because I love to write, and I know that it impacts people around me,” Kopfler said. “Just choosing that mindset of being positive and being kind–I feel like the world would be a better place if everyone was kinder.”

With this philosophy, Kopfler said she tries to inspire and make a change in the world in whatever way she can. Using both her passion for writing and her love of helping others, she makes her blog a place where she can be open and vulnerable.

“Writing is such a beautiful thing, being able to put words on paper, and those words have truth behind them, and people want to hear them,” Kopfler said. “There’s always going to be people who talk behind your back and say that it’s stupid, or that it’s lame– just take that leap of faith and do it.”

Another student who is authentic online in the hopes of spreading change is junior Ayesha Chaudry, the creator of “Your Local Brown Girl” media, primarily a blog and podcast. By producing her blog and podcast she wants to help other people and grow as a person herself.

“I started it to help myself and learn from my own experiences,” Chaudry said. “And I think it’s amazing that ordinary people could be touched by that.”

Spreading diversity in the media is very important to Chaudry, and she uses it to share her ideas and be a voice for people who don’t always get a lot of representation. 

“I believe that if you see a problem in the world, and you’re not working to fix it, then you’re basically just accepting that,” Chaudry said.“You can’t learn about other people unless you put yourself out there.”

Junior Evan Ponstingle also has a blog where he puts himself out there by writing about things he’s very passionate about. He blogs about Kings Island, with a focus on the ghost stories and urban legends regarding the park. Because he was constantly researching and finding new stories, he wanted a place to share them with the world.

“There are so many urban legends about Kings Island,” Ponstingle said. “It’s nice to put that online, the truth behind the legend, and get a wide audience that reads that.”

He does thorough investigations on these stories, including interviewing people involved and even pulling records from the sheriff’s office. He has gotten upwards of 13,000 views on one of his stories, “The Truth Behind ‘Tower Johnny.’” The story was about a high school boy who was killed in a freak accident involving the Kings Island Eiffel Tower. He published it in April of 2018, and it is now the top of the Google search list.

“I have accomplished my goal to have the stories published in a public forum where a lot of people can see them,” Ponstingle said. “That’s one of those urban legends that’s been going on for so long, but I was able to dig up a ton of stuff, and nobody had ever done that before. I was able to put the real story online.”

Whether their goal is to motivate, spread representation, or inform others on local history, each student has a purpose for the work that they do. Kopfler said she loves to inspire people on her blog and hopes to help improve student’s lives with her kindness.

“I can’t tell you the number of people who have reached out to me and said that the words I’ve said and my vulnerability in my blog has impacted the way that they live,” Kopfler said. “You just never know who you’re going to impact.”

Photos by Meghan Dincler.