Feminism is about Equal Rights

Anusha Vadlamani | Business Manager

I am a feminist through and through.

I know some people might’ve stopped reading by now, but it’s true. Feminism has been a driving force in my life, influencing everything from my major in college to my political ideology to my Instagram feed. It is the reason that I have the courage to speak my ideas, regardless of who is willing to listen. And although we are riding the third wave of feminism, the ripples of change are only just beginning.

The goal of feminism is not about being on a constant quest to stop manspreading. It’s not about curing the world through a couple measly “empower women” stickers on a Hydro Flask. 

From the start, the mission statement of feminism has always been equality– equality for women and men. It is not about making women superior to men. It is not about giving women the right to freely hate on men. It’s not even about bringing men down to the level that society has caged women in for so so long. 

Feminism is about freeing women from the chains of societal standards, empowering us to achieve our dreams without society’s stamp of approval.

Feminism is about campaigning for equal rights through furthering the movement of women’s rights. For instance, the #MeToo movement of the recent decade has let old voices that were once silenced, yell their truth. We’ve made progress, but it’s nowhere near enough.

I want to live in a world where I can work harder than a man and be recognized for doing more work. Not for being competent enough to do the same work as a man — I’m not sure if I can do that right now in this day and age.

I’m not in the wrong for wanting equality. However, much of society is apprehensive to support feminism because of the image of hardcore “feminists” that has been forced down their throats: a woman with her hair flying, veins bulging, finger in someone’s face, yelling about how they deserve more more more.


It’s not wrong to need more to be equal, but it is wrong to demand more to be superior.

But that hardcore picture of the feminist is the very pixelated version of a much clearer image– an image of women who support each other and, above all, those who need it more than we do at times.

I am a feminist through and through. I will support you even if you don’t support me.