Movie Review: IT: Chapter 2

Ann Vettikkal | Staff Writer

Rating: 6/10

It: Chapter Two revealed potential not quite met, in spite of the massive 3 hour run time it had to do so. Set 27 years after the previous It movie, the Losers’ Club reunite in the seemingly sleepy town, Derry, Maine, to conquer the clown back for more, and with it, their deepest fears. The tone shifts many times throughout the movie, starting on a sobering note with the gruesome reality of hate crimes and ending on an uplifting message about the unbreakable bond of friendship. The film relies on  flashy effects and jumpscares to induce fright, but it airs a tad too heavily on comedic relief for the audience to take the horror seriously. If you’re walking in expecting the scare of your life, you’ll want to reconsider. But if you’re okay with watching a good storyline turned mediocre, witnessing Pennywise and his posse of grotesque creatures ruin your appetite, and laughing more than you scream, then there is no doubt that this movie will entertain you, if you can stay awake for that long.