Classical music band giving back to community

Archie Barton | Staff Writer

Young musicians could be the key to changing people’s lives in the local community.

Founded in 2017, Accelerando is a classical music band of high school students using their talents to give back to the community. Junior and pianist Alex Ye, one of the band’s founders, said the band’s desire to share their love for music was the driving force behind its creation. With two of his friends, Ye was inspired to mix their classical solos into a musical ensemble.

We believe that all  children should have the opportunity to learn music.

Alex Ye, junior

“Our goal was to simply spread quality music around our community,” Ye said. “We feel very privileged that we’ve gotten the chance to learn music and we want to give that chance to everyone else as well.”

The name of the band, Accelerando, is an Italian term in music which means an increase in speed. Ye said the name was chosen because it reflected the style of classical music they play with fast-paced violin and piano solos. 

“We like to think of our music as exciting and vigorous,” Ye said. “We chose Accelerando because this term really fits our music, as it’s all super exciting and fast.” 

The band has performed a total of 24 concerts at a variety of locations, from senior centers to public libraries. Ye said he believes performing to seniors is important to the band’s aspirations in giving back to the community.

“We went to senior centers because we thought that seniors are the one group of people that don’t really get to listen to quality music,” Ye said. “We are really into music and seniors can’t just go to concerts on a regular basis, so we decided to bring that music to them.”

Freshman and band member Jonathan Lou, a pianist, said music is something that everyone should be exposed to. According to Lou, who values the importance of playing music, Accelerando’s senior audience enjoy listening to their music. 

“Bringing the music to seniors is important, and they actually do enjoy it,” Lou said.“I think in general sharing music with other people is really important, because it’s something that everyone can enjoy.”

In addition to providing seniors the opportunity to listen to their music, Accelerando also performs to raise money and awareness for the CancerFree Kids charity organization. 

Money raised by Accelerando will help fund research to eradicate the life-threatening disease in children. 

“One of the other founders of the group actually works at Children’s Hospital, and he noticed the children he was working with did not have the same opportunities as us,” Ye said. “We want to raise money for them because we believe that all children should have the opportunity to learn music.”

Lou said he believes everyone must find something they are talented in and use it to aid others who may not be as fortunate. Through his music, Lou said he hopes he can do his part.

“I think everyone needs to find their own way to contribute to charity,” Lou said. “For me, music was the way I could contribute.” 

Interest in the band has increased with every performance, both from senior centers and new musicians. The band’s founders realized others were wanting to give back to their community and participate in their performances. The band has grown in size and continues to perform every two months, according to Ye.

“Originally it was just three of us, but now we have 15 members and other guests players with every performance,” Ye said. “We’re open to having new members, as long as they are devoted and experienced players, and more importantly, want to help the community and give back to others.”

Photos contributed by Alex Ye.