Strong faith helps Singleton overcome hardships

Shravani Page | Staff Writer

Junior Kai Singleton does a tarot card reading to learn about his past, present, and future lives. Singleton said that he uses witchcraft for protecting himself and others.

When the average person thinks of witchcraft, they may think about witches, potions, maybe even Harry Potter. But a student at William Mason High School has learned to utilize witchcraft and paganism as a coping mechanism to overcome adversity. 

Paganism is different from some of the world’s more common religions. Originating in Ancient Greece and Rome, Pagans are polytheistic and believe in multiple gods. It has been considered a modern religious movement incorporating practices from other sources besides the world’s main religions. Some students today have taken advantage of paganism and witchcraft spiritually to try to better themselves and the world around them.

It’s just who I am, accept it or don’t, I’m not going to change that for anyone.

Kai Singleton

Junior Kai Singleton uses witchcraft and paganism as a spiritual practice. Singleton has been practicing from a young age and started to learn initially from a friend.

“I’ve been really into it since I was 10, but then I lost contact with the person who had introduced it to me,” Singleton said. “But maybe a year or two ago, I had a friend move here who reintroduced it to me. From there, I picked it up on my own and started doing my own research.”

Singleton also discussed that he faced some fear when it came to telling people what he practiced.

“It was something different, coming from a Christian family,” Singleton said. “I don’t know how this happened, but I’m just doing my own thing. I try not to use it as an argument point, it’s just who I am, accept it or don’t, I’m not going to change that for anyone.”

Singleton agreed that there are misunderstandings through today’s media when it comes to the practice of witchcraft. He included that books, such as the Crucible which is typically read junior year, created an impression of individuals who practice witchcraft.

“I’m reading [The Crucible] now as a junior, and I feel like it shows people proceeding a certain way,” Singleton said. “It’s like you’re doing all these things and sacrificing. That’s not really what it’s about, even though some people do follow that path. But, it’s the idea that each person has their own specific way of practice and it can be frowned on.”

When it comes to the media and the public, Singleton said that pop culture has influenced society’s perception of using witchcraft and paganism as a spiritual practice. 

“I get a lot of people that try to make, like, Harry Potter jokes,” Singleton said. “People would read books, go on social media, and they would ask me questions like ‘do you do this?’ But, I do protection work and take care of myself and other people. I don’t go into some of the dangerous stuff the media shows.”

It eventually all comes down to what the practice itself is really about and the impact it has made on the lives of individuals and the world.

“It’s about taking power over yourself, it has nothing to do with power over other people,” Singleton said. “It’s taking what there is in the world and using it to your advantage to better yourself and allow yourself to grow.”

According to Singleton, practicing witchcraft and paganism has made a great impact on his life and helped him get through the rough patches he faced.

“I have really bad paranoia and anxiety,” Singleton said. “When nothing else would work, this is what worked for me. I feel like it’s protection, magic, and something that makes me feel like I am safe. It helped me get through a lot of fears, like the paranormal and the dark. But now I feel safe and protected in myself.” 

Moving forward, Singleton said that he hopes to continue his journey and explore more in this field. He also said he wants to get some of his friends who are interested to give witchcraft a chance. He said he hopes to prove his passion through spreading his views to other individuals. 

“I want to go more into depth when I’m older,” said Singleton. “I know that I may be able to spread it to other people. I have some friends who are interested, and some who it doesn’t really appeal to.”

Students have taken advantage of witchcraft and been using it as a source to better themselves and those around them. Students such as Singleton have been able to use it as protection to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. He believes it has helped create a realm for these students in which they can explore and learn more about themselves. 

“It is something that has stirred a sense of impact on me,” Singleton said. “There’s so much to learn there and you have the ability to learn so much about yourself and the world through it.”

Photo by Shravani Page.