Movie Review: Joker

Ann Vettikkal | Staff Writer

Rating: 8/10

Todd Philips’ Joker is a psychological thriller, a chillingly plausible take on its infamous central character. The movie follows the journey of Arthur Fleck who is a mentally ill failed comedian, and how certain events lead him to a point of no remorse. The storyline is essentially a commentary on the current state of society and how society’s ignorance of those who are less fortunate could lead to the birth of a Joker. It attempts to decode the mind of an individual suffering through psychological illnesses like Fleck. The hyperbolic aspect of Fleck and the state of Gotham City opens the viewers’ eyes to all that is wrong in today’s world. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance makes it impossible to remain untouched by the character’s grief, his pain, and his “mission.” Regardless, this is no superhero story. There is no hero, just a broken man who was pushed too far by the atrocity that is our society. Because there is no moral compass like Batman, Philips trusts his audience to sympathise with Fleck but also realize that he is not someone to idolize. As a whole, the movie has done a terrifyingly fabulous job of blurring the lines between comic books and reality.