Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

Henri Robbins | Online Editor

Rating: 6.5/10

The new Mario Kart app may be racing around it’s competition right now, but is it really up to speed? With the release of Mario Kart: Tour on iOS and Android, the spirit of its predecessors is transferred over beautifully, but the game as a whole is nowhere near flawless. The expected polish of a Nintendo title is definitely there, but it does have some issues with turning at times. Movement feels fairly natural and intuitive, if you’re able to find the gyro handling setting, but without that the game feels inconsistent. The maps themselves are transferred, with the adaptations to more limited controls, still keeping the spirit of the original designs, not making them feel rushed, but instead like bite-sized versions of the originals. The real problems start to rear their head when you get into the progression system — it’s blatantly pay-to-win. Of course, this is fairly expected from the fact that it’s a free mobile game, but the sheer amount of purchases available, from a monthly ‘gold pass’ to dozens of in-game boosts, just seems over the top, and the fact that not only characters but maps are soft-locked behind these things just seems to limit gameplay for no reason except promoting in-game purchases. Of course, you don’t have to spend anything, but it’s a whole lot faster and easier if you do. All in all, the game presents itself well, and is a strong adaptation of the Mario Kart series onto mobile, but just leaves you wishing you were playing an actual Mario Kart title.