Artist Review: Little Simz

Ann Vettikkal | Staff Writer

Rating: 9/10

At 25, Little Simz is already proving her place in the rap hierarchy. Her verses are smart and assured; the London-born, stardom-bound rapper says it like it is. In “Venom,” Little Simz’s razor-sharp flow darts in and out of an entrancing beat drop; it literally sounds like she’s spitting a carefully calculated poison. And there’s texture to her sound —  she brilliantly combines deadly basslines with live instruments like in “Offence.” Even when her lyrics lack mastery of subject, she creates character with her vibe. Amidst the cheap mumble rap that top current charts, her music is profoundly heartfelt, almost spiritual, and uses introspection to storytell, when she’s at her best. In the words of Kendrick Lamar, “Little Simz might be the illest doing it right now.”