Student and extra-terrestrial form Special Bond

Scott Reckers | Staff Writer

Bulger and E.T. in the Black Hole.

ET Phone homecoming?

A certain extra-terrestrial doll has started to accompany senior Leia Bulger to school events. Bulger has been taking an 18-inch rubberized doll of E.T., the eponymous character of Steven Spielberg’s hit film, to multiple events around the school. ‘E.T.’ was a gift Bulger received from a friend over the summer. Bulger said she carries ET around with her for fun and to put a smile on other’s faces. She has brought the doll with her to school, cross country (XC) events, football games, and most recently, homecoming.

“I started carrying around E.T. whenever I hung out with friends,” Bulger said. “I took him to XC practice and events, and later I started bringing him to all the XC meets. When school started I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to bring E.T. to school.’”

Along with his appearances around the school, E.T. also showed up for this year’s homecoming football game, eliciting a chant of his name from the Black Hole. After a considerable amount of students began a ‘campaign’ to nominate the two for homecoming court, E.T. also made an appearance at the Homecoming Dance, although Bulger did not take E.T. as her date. 

“I took Nick Flood to homecoming,” Bulger said. “ET asked one of my friends, so it was a double date. E.T. did have a lot of nominations for homecoming king, but he wasn’t put on the ballot. That’s probably because he isn’t a student. I got to take him down to the field at half-time during the game. That’s all I needed.”

E.T. is more than just a silly little doll, Bulger said. She believes E.T. is leaving MHS better than he found it, and has become an icon within the school due to his unexpectedness and humorous appearance. 

Bulger and E.T. making an appearance on the field at the homecoming game.

“I think E.T. is for sure leaving a positive impact,” Bulger stated. “He just makes people smile, when you look at him you just laugh, I have met so many people through ET. People definitely recognize him, and when I meet new people I just say I’m the girl who carries around ET, he’s more popular than I am, I’m happy for him.”

Bulger said she takes E.T. with her most places, sometimes even to her classes. The students can expect to see more of E.T. before Bulger heads out to college. Bulger plans to take E.T. places with her in the future, and said the two are inseparable.

“A lot definitely ask why, and I don’t really have a good answer, it’s just fun,” Bulger said. “I think I’ll take E.T. to a lot more places, like Thanksgiving dinner. I think my grandparents deserve to meet him. And he’ll follow me to college as well. E.T. is pretty important to me at this point. “

Photos by Henri Robbins and Mia Sweitzer.