Nostalgic and new favorites combine with new streaming service

Della Johnson | Staff Writer

For $6.99 a month, students are reliving their Disney Channel childhoods.

DisneyPlus is a new media streaming service that was launched on November 12 of this year. It includes classic movies, discontinued television shows originally shown through cable on Disney Channel, and new DisneyPlus-exclusive content. Since its announcement, the service itself has garnered large amounts of feedback on social media, whether it be excitement or annoyance. 

Junior Yamha Sami has a three year subscription to DisneyPlus. However, she said that she wasn’t initially happy about the streaming service due to Disney removing its content from Netflix, a more popular service.

“A couple months ago, I saw a bunch of commercials for (DisneyPlus),” Sami said. “And everybody was talking about how Disney’s gonna take stuff off of Netflix. So, I knew that they’re going to have their own platform. I wasn’t really excited about it because I knew that I wanted to see Disney on Netflix.”

Families tend to purchase more streaming services–much like channels–after a switch from cable. Sophomore Eric Freeburg said he immediately wanted and got DisneyPlus following its announcement, after a switch from DirecTV.

“It was definitely a big deal,” Freeburg said. “Because there’s Netflix and Hulu, but everyone loves Disney. It’s all one place now. I think I just thought, ‘I need that.’ My family stopped using DirecTV, now they’re on YouTube TV. And so with that, they decided to also get DisneyPlus.”

Many people’s reasoning behind not purchasing 

DisneyPlus is their earlier purchase of another streaming service, such as Netflix or Hulu, which they still use. Purchasing more adds an extra cost, so 

people often decide between a few. Sami said that while Netflix and DisneyPlus are comparable, they have a few key differences in organization.

“It’s like very similar because they have a similar format,” Sami said. “Disney organizes really well. There’s one section that’s just called out of the vault and it’s from the 90s and 80s and Disney princess shows and movies.”

A large part of the childhoods of those born in the early 2000s sources from discontinued shows through Disney and Nickelodeon. Sami said the streaming service features many old shows she watched in her youth that bring back memories.

“My dad got it because he knew that I really liked Marvel and DisneyPlus has all the Marvel stuff,” Sami said. “It has basically everything and also I grew up on Disney. So, it’s kind of nostalgic to watch Disney shows and stuff. I definitely watched Wizards of Waverly Place a lot, That’s So Raven, and I have big memories of Lizzie McGuire.”

Though not that far apart in age, a culture gap of sorts with media has appeared between older teens and their younger counterparts. Often times, titles that are second nature to today’s teens do not register with those that missed this era of television. Sophomore Ceileigh Rodway said having DisneyPlus made her realize her increasing age, as well as her younger brother’s unawareness of the shows she grew up with.

“When I opened (DisneyPlus), I had a flashback and I was thinking, ‘I’m so old now,’” Rodway said. “Last night, I was in my bed and I was really sad because I just turned 16. I was watching this stuff 10 years ago. And now my brother, he said to me when my boyfriend are talking about Wizards of Waverly Place, ‘What’s that?’ That made me so sad.”

A main issue between differing streaming companies comes from the sparking of competition as more come into the public eye. Some people are choosing favorites between them. Rodway said not only has she used the new Disney service more often than Netflix, but it has essentially replaced the older app.

“I honestly could delete the Netflix app and not really care,” Rodway said. “I haven’t even touched Netflix because all the shows that I wanted to be on Netflix or that I have hoped to be on Netflix are all on DisneyPlus.”

Though the service hasn’t been around long, it certainly has made a large impact on the way the streaming industry works, as well as its viewers. Rodway recommends buying the service to anyone who hasn’t already.

“When I’m in my room watching the shows, it’s pretty glorious,” Rodway said. “I’ve been watching it, binge watching it. And I love it. If you don’t have DisneyPlus, I suggest you get it.”

Designs by Riley Johansen.