Album Review: Jackboys

Ann Vettikkal | Staff Writer

Rating: 3/10

In JACKBOYS, where there are more contributors than tracks, it feels more like an impression of an album than a full-fledged production. The entire project (created by a collective of American rappers, led by Travis Scott) is a short, 7-track package, which includes 45 seconds of interlude and an embellished, gimmicky version of “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.” There are some highlights, like the narrative structure of “WHAT TO DO?” which features Travis Scott and his superior, more emotionally autotuned counterpart, Don Toliver. The production has cohesion but in a forgettable, repetitive way. Most of the songs on the album have been done before, and better, even by Travis Scott and his entourage themselves. In retrospect, the best thing about the project is that it only takes 21 minutes of your time. And it will probably leave your mind just as quickly as it entered.